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Josh Lost a whopping 86kg in 10 months!


My name is Josh I'm from Darwin.
For most of my adult life, I've always been overweight. I was never really worried about what I ate and just stuck to drinking lots of soft drink and eating junk food.
I've always felt uncomfortable but it wasn't until my aches and pains got so bad that they kept me up at night and I had had enough of it and went to the doctor to get some help. He told me that I needed to lose weight as it was the source of my pain and caused me lots of issues.

At that point, I weighed in at 161kg and was wearing 9XL clothes. That was the point I knew I had to try something.
The problem was I didn't know where to start as I had never tried a diet of any kind. A friend recommended The Man Shake and I placed my first order in March 2020. That is when my health kick began. I started having one shake a day and walking 30 mins a day, gradually as the weight was falling off I increased to two shakes a day and 2 walks a day.

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I just kept doing that over the next 9 months and watching what I ate and I ended up losing 73kg!

My lifestyle has improved dramatically. I'm able to complete daily tasks that I wouldn't normally do due to my joint pain and from being overweight. My sleeping has improved I'm now able to sleep all night without breathing or pain issues.

The biggest struggle I had was stopping soft drink and junk food. First, I started by setting myself a limit of how many soft drinks I could drink a day and then reducing it till I was able to stop. I'm now drinking 3 litres of water and no soft drink.

Avoiding take away was another hurdle as it's quick and simple to grab but I set my mind to make a shake instead as it's just as easy to do. I've also learnt what food can do to your body and I'm always looking at healthier options. The best thing about The Man Shake is there is a lot of variety of flavours so I never got bored.

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Honestly, I can't recommend The Man Shake enough it truly works, I can't believe it myself.

I will continue to use the shakes to maintain my weight as its quick and simple for anyone thinking of trying it I highly recommend. There will never be a good time to start, just bite the bullet. Start small and go from there. Start with small goals it's realistic and achievable.