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Josh has lost 30kg and achieved incredible feats!


My weight loss journey initially began in 2017. At the time I was 110kg and struggle to even do simple daily tasks due to my size.

The turning point for me came one morning when I was getting ready for work. I remember struggling to lace up my shoes and I had a good hard look in the mirror and knew I needed to do something.

*Enter The Man Shake*

The Man Shake gave me the kickstart I needed. I received a lot of online support from the Man Shake Team when I started out, and I dropped 12kg in my first three months. I was featured on the website at the time and I couldn't believe I was helping to inspire others to continue on their own weight loss journey. People were approaching me seeking advice and information about how I had gone about losing the weight.

Since then I have gone on to lose another 18kg, bringing my total to 30kg that I've said goodbye to!

What I like about the man shake is it actually fills you up. A lot of other shakes and similar products claim to do the same but when I used them I ended up having cravings and binge eating. I have also attempted a lot of other diets that just aren't sustainable.

My passion now is everything fitness and healthy food. I have gone on to complete some pretty incredible sporting achievements, and I'm so thankful for this product. If I hadn't discovered The Man Shake, I might have never ended up doing any of it.

I've done the City 2 Surf, 4 1/2 marathons, The Ultra-Trail Australia 22km, 5 Marathons and a 100km Ultramarathon. In October this year, I made a comeback to Amateur Boxing - a sport I did when I was younger. I boxed well and won a hard fight.

I'm currently training for another ultramarathon in 2020. My training consists of loads of running and F45 sessions. I utilise The Vegan Man Shake as part of my recovery after training sessions. I opt for the vegan range after switching to a plant-based diet in June this year.

I hope my story inspires a few blokes to give this product a go. Taking that first step is confronting but once you do you won't look back.