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Joseph had enough of being the "big guy" and lost 57kg


Hi, I'm Joseph, I'm 30 years old from Smithfield. So far I have lost 57.4kg using The Man Shake.

My health was never in the forefront of my mind in the sense of weight. I was always a "big boy" in my life and just kept getting bigger and bigger, especially with work from home/covid.

I was diagnosed with hypertension and spent over a week in hospital with tachycardia/palpitations. I was discharged and through my visits, I ended up being on 6 tablets a day for my hypertension/blood pressure. On top of that, I had sleep apnea and was borderline diabetic.

It's important for me to be healthy and lose weight as I've always been a family man. I want to be there for my wife and family.

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I found the Man Shake through my uncle who recommends it to me.

Honestly, they were the first thing I tried and it worked so I stuck with it. The biggest difference is my lifestyle, I can walk without getting puffed out, I can sleep better, and I feel a lot more active and healthy. I feel amazing now.

The biggest roadblock was the anxiety I was having to deal with the health conditions. Honestly still deal with that day to day but with my health on track, I feel a lot happier and less anxious.

I fit it in for either breakfast or lunch and I would rotate some days around to help me.

100% would recommend it to anyone losing weight. It will be definitely part of maintenance for me.

I would say do it for yourself as anything you are doing now is way better than where you were.

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