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John lost 45kg after an emergency visit to the hospital


My name is John I am 34 years old & live in the Western Suburbs of Sydney.

Throughout all my schooling years and since being an adult I have always been overweight/obese and I never considered healthy eating consistently. 

On 17th January 2020, I had very disruptive pain inside me which forced me to go to my local doctor after a blood pressure check. 

It came up to 226 as the reading which is already Heart Attack stage and life-threatening. 

I then went to a local hospital which at the time they thought was a heart attack but to me, I did not even feel any chest pain. I then went into the ambulance to another hospital after multiple doctors and nurses thought I was having a heart attack. 

It was on a third ultrasound that I had stones in my gallbladder, which was putting pressure on my heart to beat faster. I end up spending 1 week in the hospital for scans and to subsidize the pain. 

The look on my wife and children’s faces as they came in to see me and sat beside me made me realize that I have to do something about my own health to lose weight and be healthy. 

I had tried meal preparation with cooking meals up to 2 weeks in advance but I was giving up one day just cooking and preparing in the kitchen. By the time it was already a week I just started getting over the prep meals as the taste was not the same.

I found the man shake watching the Sunday footy show with Wally Lewis, Brad Fittler, and Adam MacDougall having a shake together on the panel. 

John 2.webp

To date, I have lost 45kg using The Man Shake.

Now that I've lost the weight, the biggest difference is my blood pressure has gone down to 118 and I had the gallbladder removed and the surgeon said it was one of the worst he had ever seen. I am more physically active with my family to go kick the footy or just a casual walk. 

My mental health has improved significantly where I was sluggish, tired, and down before but now I feel confident and happy within myself. 

On this journey, there have been many setbacks but I have always got back up on the horse. I just tried to keep the goals small to within my limits and if there was weight gain I did not hate myself I just hit reset and say let’s try again.

The Man Shake fits into my life comfortably as my only worry is which snacks I am going to have for the day. I usually start work at 4:30 am so my first shake is usually before then. I then have a snack around 11:30 and another snack at 1:30 and my second shake at 3 pm with dinner at 6. This routine definitely helps with my lifestyle.

I will recommend the man shake to anyone out there whether they need to lose a lot of weight or to just get their regular nutrients of vitamins and minerals the man shake has all of this. 

I have not reached that weight goal so I am staying on board this train but if I have to maintain the weight then I will just switch to breakfast shakes as it sets a good mood for the day once you down that first shake. 

Jump on board and try all the flavours of the shakes with the starter packs and follow the Facebook groups and YouTube channels to get a good insight on what other Man shakers are doing and rip in.