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John lost 17kg to walk his Daughter down the aisle


John, 55, Springfield NSW

A brief backstory on your health and why you needed to lose weight

I've played soccer my whole life, but lately, I've struggled with fitness and injuries. Looking back on photos of a recent holiday when I returned also made me realise I wasn't really happy with what I saw.

The turning point for me came when my Daughter got engaged. She set the wedding for October 2019, so I really wanted to get back in shape for that, and it gave me a goal to work toward.

Getting started

I had tried dieting in the past but didn't really succeed. It was too hard to prepare the right foods and I wasn't sure what I was doing. I had seen The Man Shake on Facebook and television, so I decided to give it a go.

I found the Man Shake fitted into my life really easily. I work in Sydney and commute so it was really easy to have a shake in the morning, man bar for morning tea and a shake for lunch. I found it took the ‘what will I have for lunch today’ question out of the equation. Also, it worked well on weekends as I got into a routine. Dinners were normal but I just adjusted the portion sizes down a bit, but still ate what we normally did before I started.

I lost 17.7kg with The Man Shake

The biggest difference now I've lost the weight is that I'm so much fitter! I played soccer this season and felt so much better and fitter, no injuries either! I also just feel happier with myself in the mirror.

I've recommended The Man Shake to other people because I found that it was easy and it worked. My brother has since started as well as a mate of mine once they saw the results I was getting.

If someone is out there thinking about starting what would you say to them to motivate them? 

Basically just do it, give it a go as I saw results within the first week which motivated me to keep going. The shakes are tasty (Coffee is the best in the morning) and the Man Bars are great as well.