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John Lost 12kg and Has More Energy Than Ever


My name is John, I'm 48 years old from Three Bridges in Victoria, and I've lost just over 12.8kg in 5 months.
In November 2019 my wife died of cancer after caring for her full time for 3 years. The grieving process took its toll on my body and after 3 years of not looking after myself, I was the heaviest I've ever been. I got into bad habits of drinking every night and not caring about what I ate. I noticed I was overweight and lacked energy. I became unfit and suffered from shortness of breath all the time.
It is important for me to be as healthy as possible because of my age and I am the only parent to my kids so want to be healthy and the best I can be for them.
Prior to starting with The Man Shake, I had tried to stop eating junk food, but that can only work for so long. This is the first diet I've ever been on!
I started the Man Shake after my daughter introduced me to them. Since then I've lost just over 10kg. It's given me so much more energy and fits in great with my busy work schedule. I've even taken up hiking as a new hobby!

I feel better and healthier within myself for the first time in a long time and am able to recover after exercise much quicker.
My biggest roadblock was my busy work schedule, getting up at 4:30am and getting home at 7pm at night. Being short of breath when trying to exercise because of the excess weight also was a struggle.
The Man Shake fits so well into my life and it saves me so much time and money. I look forward to waking up and having my coffee man shake before work every morning. I am now able to go hiking because I have the energy to every weekend.
I couldn't recommend it enough as it tastes great, easy to fit in with everyday life for busy workers who are on the road, or people who are low on time.
I'll be staying on the shakes forever! If I don't have my shake for breakfast it feels wrong.
If someone is out there thinking about starting just remember if you think you can't do it, think again. The Man Shake makes it easy, you don't have to do anything except follow the meal plan. It can't hurt to have a go like I did.
I owe it all to The Man Shake and even though I've reached my goal, I will continue using their products because they make me feel great!