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Joel wanted to be around long term so he lost 27kg!


My name is Joel, I’m 37 and I have lost 27kgs thanks to the Man Shake.

I’m a dad of 3 active young kids and live in Adelaide. My weight got out of control and I remember the scales getting to 114kg at one point so I decided in March 2022 to make a change and since then have lost over 27kgs - I’m down to 83kg now and the best I’ve ever felt and been.

After finishing high school I was living the KFC life and my blood type was zinger.

I knew I needed to do something about my weight and diet and it was in March 2022 that I made the decision to actually do it. It was around the time Shane Warne passed away that I realised that would be me if I didn’t do something drastic about my health - that really frightened me. The driving factor for me is being around long term for my wife and 3 young active children, being healthy and setting a good example for them.

I know people who have lost a significant amount of weight using the manshake and I have tried it in the past but never stuck with it consistently. So I made the decision to place a man shake order and have an appointment with my GP.

When I started in March 2022 I weighed 110kg although I do remember over the last couple of years seeing it get to around 113-114kg.

My GP and I set small goals. I needed to start going for a 30min walk everyday and get my weight down to 100kg.

For me, I cut out junk totally to get started. I stopped drinking alcohol and soft drink and iced lattes. For me, that was a decision I had to make to begin with. I had enjoyed the good life eating and drinking whatever I wanted whenever I wanted and I needed to short circuit that.

Personally, I thrive on routine.

I made small adjustments to start with - increasing my water intake, especially when I was eating or having my shakes. I moved to having black coffee with a small amount of milk. I started eating more fruit and vegetables. Night times were hard so I moved to having Greek yogurt and berries of a night with a low calorie hot chocolate.

Then I would literally just take it day by day.

I personally love the manshake and man bars. My favourite flavour that I use every morning is choc mint and I also use the choc honeycomb crunch as well. I love the choc crunch and choc peanut butter man bars. I have also loved the manshake recipes like super greens stir fry and Mexican bowl - I also love manshake porridge.

I like my shakes really cold with lots of water. Usually 600ml or so then in the freezer for 30min. I work from home so I have the flexibility to do that. Working from home can be great health wise but can also be really hard.

My daily routine is:

  • 845 - Coffee
  • 10 - manshake + coffee
  • 1 - lunch - usually a fruit plate with carrots or porridge with berries + coffee
  • 4 - manshake
  • 630 - dinner
  • 8 - yogurt & berries with a low calorie hot chocolate


The change to my lifestyle and diet is unrecognisable but where I am now is not where and how I started. I’m now 83kg and have lost 27kg since I started.

I’m in maintenance mode now and it is an integral part of my journey to date and will be going forward because of the great structure, health benefits and taste. It works. It seriously does. And I’m so grateful for it. I am a big advocate of it. It has literally changed my life. My wife and my 3 kids are so happy with the changes I have made - everyone sees the benefits and gets the benefits of a healthier, fitter me. My mental health is stronger and I’m healthier, fitter and more active now at 37 than I was at 20.

My advice to others would be:

  1. Take it day by day.
  2. Start small and make adjustments as you go.
  3. You have to find what works for you.
  4. Be kind to yourself.