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Jeffery lost 15kg and found himself again.


My name is Jeffery Purves and I am 27. I live in Aldinga Beach, South Australia.

A brief background of my health

Throughout my youth I was a very active person where I raced downhill mountain bikes for close to 10 years, I trained up to 6 times a week on average. I was generally very fit and healthy. In my mid-twenties I met my Fiancé, where my commitments to racing changed quite a lot and my focus on completing university, working and the new relationship took over my active lifestyle.

Becoming more comfortable in the new relationship, I found myself not eating as well or exercising as much as I used to. We then had our first child, as all new parents find out, it is nothing like you expect. I was now even less active and going for quick meals (usually calorie-dense and unhealthy). I didn’t make the effort to go to the gym or be active and felt as though I just couldn’t as I was so caught up in everything else.

I now see this was an excuse, and there is always time. I found my health deteriorating rapidly but felt that it was going to just like this now. I threw my clothes out that didn’t fit, not thinking I’d fit back in them and basically accepted that I would remain at this weight.

I’d had conversations about my weight and health with my fiancé, she was great for motivation and encouraging me to make the first steps. We were only a month or so from expecting our second child, where I realised that something really needed to change.

This wasn’t just for me, but for my fiancé, my son and unborn daughter. 

I need to be there for my family in all aspects of my health, although losing weight is great for my physical health, but also my social and mental health. I want to be able to change my children around, I don’t want to feel embarrassed when I see photos of myself with my family, and I want to get back into the sport and feel like me again.

Getting started

I’d seen a few adds for The Man Shake here and there and wondered what it was about, I then saw it again at the counter at a chemist. This is the point where I decided to try it out.

When I began using The Man Shake I really felt good,  I started to look forward to having the shakes. Not only did I find the taste amazing (especially banana), I knew it was a much healthier alternative to my usual lunch. It was a great way to consume a meal that covered my nutritional needs while being quick and easy at the same time.

I found that using The Man Shake allowed me to find some sort of routine with my eating which I find is a vital aspect of my weight loss. Meals that are quick, easy, tasty, filling, and cheap is the perfect combo for a busy lifestyle. 

I have tried a few times to lose weight in the past but never really succeeded. I found it hard to keep motivated, find a routine, find time in all areas that The Man Shake has helped me find. General “dieting” trying to eat healthy (salads etc.), are good in theory but so hard to sustain and keep motivated to continue. As well as being more expensive, time-consuming and less tasty. These methods just didn’t work for me.

Jeffery has lost a total of 15kg using The Man Shake.

I feel like a different person now; I am the person I was before. I am more physically fit, and my social and mental health has greatly improved. I feel a lot more self-confident, and I have re-established my love for riding my bike. I feel better for my family, and I’m not worried about how I will look in a photo.

I feel that I just feel better in every way, and I just wish I took that first step earlier.

My biggest roadblock was me. It was my comfort with how I was, whether that was ignorance or a disassociation to the situation I was actually in. I felt like I would be like that forever, and that losing the weight would be too hard and take too long. These were all barriers that I was putting up to make it easier to avoid reality. Having conversations with those I love in a real and confronting way was one of my key successes in overcoming the roadblock. Being real with myself and know I could be better, and should be better. 

Having two children under two, my fiancé, working nights, a social life, cycling when possible, and financially The Man Shake fits in perfect. Having an extremely affordable, quick, easy, and enjoyable meal makes my daily routines that much easier and it is much easier to sustain. 

The road ahead.

I have already recommended The Man Shake to family and friends as I know there are a lot of people in the same boat as I was. Those who are extremely busy, or those who just want to lose a few kilograms It is the perfect way to lose weight, gain health, and not lose out on the fun things. It is so easy to integrate into your lifestyle and can make such a difference.

I will continue to use The Man Shake; I still feel I could lose a few more kilograms to help my cycling. It is also a great post-ride/workout protein shake and will keep me sustained. 

If there is someone out there reading this, or like me and has seen a few adds and maybe a little skeptical, I’d tell them to get on it! It can be that first step for them and it is a great way to start making those changes that they know they want to make.

I would tell them that they can do it, and a new healthier version of themselves is not as far out of reach as they may think. The Man Shake is a great way to make that first step, they just have to make it.