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Jay lost 24kg after struggling to lose weight trying everything else.


Jay Beck, 33 from Geelong.

The long road. 
I have struggled with my weight for a long time. Juggling family life along with work means that there isn't much time for any "me" time to exercise.
At my last medical my Dr told me I was in real danger of becoming diabetic and having other major health complications if I don't do something about my weight.
I carry most of my weight around my stomach which is the worst and most toxic place to carry it. At my heaviest, I was 119kg which was not healthy.
I tried lots of "diets" but the problem with diets is they seem to be great while your motivated but after a few weeks it gets hard to maintain such strict eating habits.
When I found man shake it literally changed my life. I heard Adam talking about it on the radio and jumped on YouTube and watched some of his videos.
Getting Started.
I'd like to say it was all the great ads and slogans that got me on the man shake but it was all Adam.
His story, why he is involved in men's health and wanting to help us lose weight.  I am an avid listener to his podcast which is just as incredible with all the little tricks and tips.
I started having a man shake for breakfast and one for lunch.  For dinner i had steamed veggies and some meat.
Within 3 weeks i had lost 6kg and started to feel great.  That feeling is sooo infectious and i have never looked back.
 I am currently 95kg (have lost 24kg). 
 I look and feel like a new man.  
It isn't easy to lose weight.  It takes will power and a deep desire to succeed but The man shake helps with this.   It tastes great and makes me feel full after having it and so easy.
In my group of friends i have got 5 others on the man shake and they all have lost weight.  Between us we have lost over 70kg
My advice to anyone that wants to lose weight, feel awesome and do it with very little effort.