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Jarrod Lost 22kg To Be There For His Kids


My name is Jarrod, I'm 36 and from Gisborne, Victoria. So far on The Man Shake I have lost 22 kilos in 3 and half months!

I have always been a big eater having take-away meals at least twice a week

After getting a medical for work, the doctor finally opened up my eyes to what was happening.

His comment was Do you want to see your kids grown up?

That was the turning point for me. That was all I needed to make a change.

After looking on Facebook about weight loss ideas, I looked at The Man Shake. I read through all the before and afters and thought to myself, I can do this

I have never really tried a diet before, but I haven't looked back since starting The Man Shake.

At first, it was hard to change my ways as I work long hours as a truck driver, but now after losing 22 kilos I am feeling so much better. I have more energy to play with my kids and I have more confidence too

All I have done is replace breakfast and lunch with The Man Shake, and eat a normal dinner. It really is as simple as that

I would definitely recommend The Man Shake, I have actually got my wife onto The Lady Shake, and after two weeks she has already seen a difference

The Man Shake will now be a part of my life once I get to my goal weight. If you are thinking of going on The Man Shake, don't be afraid. You will see and get results!