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Jarrod got rid of 55kg in 12 months.


My Names Jarrod, I’m 32 from Hobart, Tasmania.

My battle with my weight probably began in Year 10, I started working casually at the local supermarket and had access to my own money. That money would be spent at the school canteen on chicken burgers and a bottle of coke. I was still fairly active playing Footy & Cricket so I guess the weight didn’t pile on, But the following year I left school and began my apprenticeship & became less active with sport but ate more. 

Working in the meat industry is long hours and very demanding so I would always try to grab the quick energy fixes, Chocolates, Ice Coffees & quick and easy takeaway foods for lunch. 

After my first daughter was born I had a crack at losing some weight and got myself down to 95kg, But as with anything life gets in the way and fast forward 8 years,3 kids later moving between states and starting a new career before I knew it I was 139.9kg !!!!!! 

At the start of 2020, I tried to lose some weight and did some Intermittent fasting & incorporated walking 5km every day. I dropped 10kg in 6 weeks or so. But then COVID hit. I started working from home for 3 months and that 10kg I had lost turned into 15kg back on. 

During this time I also started watching some of Ash (That Fat Guy) videos on YouTube and was quietly following his progress on TMS while deciding if it was “for” me.

The kickstart I needed was seeing photos of me from Father's Day last year, I wasn't happy with them and the way I looked. I would also suffer from really bad reflux or heartburn of a night that would affect my sleep. It used to scare me that one night it might not be heartburn and I wouldn't wake up!!! It didn't help I was on the road for work every day, I knew how good every bakery in Tassie was 

I knew I had to do something, So I could be around to watch my children grow up. I honestly don't know how much longer I could have kept on going the way I was. I also had to do it for myself, I used to say I didn't care what other people thought and that I was “Happy” but deep down I knew it was all a front.

So it was Tuesday the 15th of September 2020 I started armed with a Man Shake Starter pack from Woolies & as much info I could get from the legends that are on the Man Shakers Facebook group.

The first two weeks were tough, The withdrawals from sugar, headaches, and feeling hungry but I knew if I pushed through it I would be alright. Surprisingly it has been a breeze since then, I don't feel like I'm on a “diet”  I see this as a lifestyle change.

I find the Man Shake easy to fit into my daily routine, I work as a Sales Rep and cover all of Tassie so it's easy to take the shakes with me. 

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To date, I have lost 55kg on the Man Shake in 12 months. 

Like most people, I’ve followed the Jurdman plan, as it suits my lifestyle. The best thing is that you can move it around to suit you, a typical day for me is 

  • 10am Breakfast Shake
  • 12pm Man Bar & Banana 
  • 2pm Lunch Shake
  • 4pm Cruskits & Peanut Butter, Tin of Tuna 
  • 6pm Tea- This is anything but will always have a salad or veg with it 

Friday nights are now Treat Night in our household, The kids love it because they know they get Macca’s, while Dad & Mum will have anything from Burgers & chips to Pizza to Chinese (This is what keeps me going during the week) I’m not a big beer drinker, But I still have a cappuccino every day with full cream milk & still have lost 37kg !! 

I still have a few more kg’s to lose to get where I want to be, So I see this as just the beginning and I can only get better from here I have the tools & knowledge now to succeed. My plan when I reach my goal is to still have a shake every day for breakfast and replace one of my shakes with a healthy lunch option. 

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I feel like now I have so much more energy, I’m more alert, I don't feel tired during the day, I can keep up with the kids. I’ve started doing Park Runs every Saturday (I always hated running) I’ve signed up for my first fun run at Easter (5km), I’ve gone back to playing footy & the most important thing is my mental health has improved so much. 

Best of all I’ve gone from a 4XL top to XL and a 44 pant to a 38. Little tip it's also cheaper to be less fat, You can get cheaper clothes.

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If anyone is thinking of giving this a go, Don't think anymore just do it !!! You have nothing to lose. It seriously is the easiest thing you will ever do! Yes, it might be tough at the start but push through it, Join The Man Shakers page there are thousands of blokes going through the same thing as you. 

They will motivate you, give you advice, guidance and just be there for you when you need it. That page has been a game-changer, It's helped me so much (the best thing is it's free) I just wish I started the man shake earlier !!

Finally, I just want to give a shout out to my wife. She has been brilliant in supporting me this whole time.