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James Shook Things Up And Lost 28kg


Hey, I’m James and this is how I lost 28kg using The Man Shake.

The 2023 Christmas holidays had just started. I had made the scary decision to step on the scales… staring right back at me was 123.8kg.

I could recognise how my weight was impacting my health, my life, my family and the habits of my children. I had been exercising and dieting on and off for some time, but I wasn’t seeing any significant impact. What I was doing clearly wasn’t working so I wanted to try something new and shake it up (pun intended).

I had never tried any of The Man Shake products or anything similar before. I, like many guys, just assumed that they weren’t for me. With a bag from my local shop, I was set to start this new journey.

Shortly after I jumped online and grabbed the Buy 3 Get 1 Free bundle. I wanted to try as many flavours as possible. I wanted to make an impact quickly and feared I would lose enthusiasm if it became too repetitive. My favourites were Chocolate, Chocolate Honeycomb, and the limited-edition Passionfruit Ice Cream.

"I feel healthier, fitter, and more confident in myself"

I had set up my routine to maintain my daily calorie intake at 1500. I would start my day with a high-protein yoghurt with chia seeds for breakfast, a Man Shake for morning tea and lunch, followed by a protein bar for afternoon tea, and the classic meat and three veg for dinner. I was able to keep this routine for 13 weeks without any changes other than alternating flavours and the meat for dinner. Using this plan I could still go out for dinner with family and friends and easily pick something from most menus knowing that I would remain under my calorie count and still meet all my dietary requirements.

Alongside my diet, I would exercise five times a week. At first, it was just walking and light weights at the gym.

One of the biggest benefits of The Man Shake, apart from the weight loss, is the ease of use. I’ve never been able to maintain a great diet. With my job I don’t always get time to eat and if I do I have limited time to prepare something. This meant I often didn’t eat properly. With The Man Shake, it’s easy to make, can be consumed while moving around and doesn’t become a hassle. This helped make this diet so effective for me where others in the past have failed.

The cost of The Man Shake also made it a no-brainer. Normally, when I was able to prepare food for work, I would make wraps with ham or chicken and salad. This meant there was always wastage, and that cost quickly added up. With the shakes it would cost around $150 for four bags which is 60 meals or a month's worth of meals at work. This meant my daily cost for The Man Shake was under $5. So much cheaper than other options!

Currently, I’m sitting at 95.8kg. But that isn’t the only win! I went from walking to being able to run 11.5km without stopping. My clothes have dropped from a size 42 down to a 36 for pants and shirts from 3XL down to Large. I feel healthier, fitter and more confident in myself. 

Using The Man Shake works because it gives you what you need but it isn’t the silver bullet.
Habits around eating, sleeping and exercising still need to be monitored and improved for effects to occur.