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Jake lost 20kg and is not looking back.


I'm Jake from Burpengary, QLD and to date, I've lost 20kg using The Man Shake.

I have been pretty good with my exercise for most of my life it wasn’t until 2017, I got comfortable in a relationship and that’s when I started to pack the weight on.

I was eating takeaway 4 to 5 days a week and constantly snacking on things I shouldn’t have been, I got to about 110kgs in June last year and looked at myself in the mirror and knew I had to change things around for myself and my family.

At first, I tried other ways to lose weight keto doing regular exercises but didn’t last too long because it was too hard.

I was driving to work one time and saw an ad for the man shake on a bus and thought I’d look into it, I was shocked at the results some of these blokes were getting and followed a few on YouTube, it was inspiring me to do it.

Jake 20 3.webp

For the first few weeks when I started I will admit it was tough but once I started I was determined I wasn’t gonna stop. I gradually started walking to start with and doing exercises as I felt more comfortable with it all.

I love the fact all you need is a bottle of the man shake and shake it’s so easy I wish I had done it a lot sooner!

The biggest motivation for me now is seeing how far I’ve come il have a look at old photos and say to myself “I don’t want to look like that again” you can still enjoy a beer or two even with takeaway now il just order a small meal instead of a large or il try and avoid it majority of the time little thing like that does help.

The Man Shake just works it’s one of the easiest methods to losing weight I’ve lost 20kgs so far! That’s a bag of concrete I had on my shoulders!

I say if you're on the fence give it a crack there are so many motivational stories out there and "The Man Shakers" group on Facebook is awesome! Everyone is positive and there’s no negativity whatsoever.

The truth is you have nothing to lose except the weight so I’d definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to start a new beginning with weight loss!

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