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Hully Lost 35kg & Got His Life Back


Hully, Albury NSW

For most of my life, I have always very active bloke I played AFL and a lot of sports as a young man and middle-aged man as well with very few issues. My normal weight was around 87 kgs but that was before I suffered until my 2 strokes 3 years ago.

I was lucky my brother in-law rushed me to Melbourne from Albury, as I had only hours before the clots reached my heart. The Dr said I was VERY lucky, I nearly passed away from my strokes.

Not long after that, I had to have back surgery which left me bedridden for a while and I was really stuck in a rut of lying in bed watching tv as my pain was unbearable to move. So I barely moved if I didn't have to I just did not move at all unless for the bathroom!

"I had to do something to get my life back on track"

My wife's birthday came up and my brother in law took us out for lunch. I had to walk with a cane as it bloody hurt and on top of that my brother in law pointed out my huge weight gain as I was around 134kgs at that point.

I told him. "When you're home bedridden and not doing anything I really don't care!" However, I knew that was the turning point where I had to do something to get my life back on track.

Because I was bedridden, obviously I'd be on the internet or watching tv as it consumed my day. I saw an ad on Google about this new product for men who wanted to lose weight, but really wanted to lose their beer gut.

Being an old footballer and umpire, I wanted to get up and go but my body would not move. If I did it was bloody painful! So I decided if this ad states you can lose a beer gut without exercise I wanted it. I bought the man shake online and never looked back.

I lost over 35 kgs on the man shake, I'm 98 kgs now and I'm stable!!

The best part is that I did not exercise or crazy diet. I just had the Man shake for breakfast and lunch and we eat a normal tea at night along with beer! (Yay)

Its been nearly 4 years and I use The Man Shake every morning without fail, Coffee flavoured of course for breaky. My sugar cravings are gone since the man shake and I eat pretty normal type meals - your steak, spuds, veggies, roasts, spaghetti, seafood!

We eat pretty normal meals and the bonus I still can drink a few beers at night and on a Saturday I indulge in a dozen watching the races or doing stuff around our home. And I still don't exercise but I'm working again now, as they thought I'd never work because I couldn't walk. Why I used a cane (obviously I don't now thank god!)

My foot still goes numb, but being so determined to work and have a life away from my bedroom. I enjoy my work and my workmates are bloody terrific so I enjoy going every day.

So if anyone is in my shoes, near death, cannot walk etc, You can. You will just go out try The Man Shake - you don't feel hungry!

The Man Shake gave me my life back, I owe you guys!