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Hugh's Lightbulb Moment Led Him To Lose 36kg


Hugh from Rockhampton, QLD

My lifestyle is pretty fast-paced. outside of work, my spare time is spread across a number of community organisations that I volunteer for. Because of this, I didn't get much time to focus on myself and my diet was no doubt lacking.
My turning point was in December 2018. I was travelling to Brisbane and, as embarrassing as it is to say, I took up more than one seat on the train. This was my light bulb moment and, at 124kg, I realised I needed to do something.



With The Man Shake, Hugh lost 36kg

The Man Shake was recommended to me by a family member, and after seeing the results I decided to give it a try.
Drinking two shakes a day, The Man Shake was a life changer for me. It fitted into my fast-paced lifestyle and I found I didn't really have to do a lot apart from drinking the shake. By March, I had lost 12 kilos in about 12 weeks.


Flash forward to now, and I've lost 36 kilos on The Man Shake. I also now have a lot of family and mates that are using The Man Shake after seeing my results which is a pretty good feeling.
I would highly recommend The Man Shake to anyone and have done to many people already.