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How Dominique Lost 39kgs in 29 Weeks


Hey, I’m Dominique and this is my Man Shake journey.

My motivation to lose weight stemmed from, ironically, my lack of motivation I had before starting on The Man Shake. I was well overweight and wanted to make better choices in both my lifestyle and eating habits. I really wanted to add some good fitness and better dietary options for the long term which is what led me to The Man Shake.

When I first started my weight loss journey, I weighed in at 111.2kg and set a goal of being 72kgs.
I am proud to say I achieved this in 29.5 weeks and have since been able to drop a little more weight just by sticking to the program.
When first starting on The Man Shake I wasn’t doing any exercise but was still dropping a decent amount of weight, I found that incorporating some exercise did help propel me to better results as I had the extra energy to do so. Now I am ready to start the next phase and bring in weight training to head towards my next goal of better body composition.

Although I have reached my goal weight, I am now finding that I can continue having The Shakes because they help with my daily routine and set me up to achieve even higher goals. I am also playing sport, which was something I’d never thought I’d do (at the age of 39) and feel great and have much more motivation to succeed in my future endeavours.

Keeping my routine consistent is important and helps me stay on track. I wanted a program that would allow me to not overthink what I was doing and The Man Shake helped me hit these goals with great success. I constantly receive praise from my family and friends along with my clients on my transformation and how effective this has been. Quite a few people who have seen my change have said that I am almost unrecognisable given the complete difference and are often amazed by the new me.

“I feel absolutely incredible!”
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My all-time favourite flavour is the Coffee flavour, while the Choc Mint was also a favourite of mine. I find the taste and texture to be great. At times I mix it up by adding in some frozen fruit such as strawberries, bananas, and mangoes for some added taste to an already great flavoursome shake that hits the spot every time.

The Buy 3 Get 1 Free is a very cost-effective pack for me, with the majority of flavours being the Coffee flavour as I’m a bit of a coffee junkie.

Since using The Man Shake and losing the weight, I actually feel really good and my energy levels are great. I can continue my day-to-day activities as well as adding in my exercise routine(s) to my schedule. It’s hard to describe, but the extra energy I have and the better structure in my day are invaluable, and I feel absolutely incredible!

For anyone looking to embark on their weight loss journey, The Man Shake makes this process amazingly easy and helps to keep you on track for success. I looked around before deciding on The Man Shake and found this program to be very simple to follow and has also helped me change the way I look at weight loss. The Man Shake has also helped me gain great knowledge about weight loss and fitness. This knowledge will help me keep the weight off for good.

For those that are sitting on the fence, I would suggest giving it a go.
The routine is very simple. Two shakes, two snacks, and dinner is all it takes. I followed this method and the results started to take effect within the very first week!

Quick Stats
Starting Weight: 111.2kg
Starting Date: 17 of October 2022
Goal Weight: 72kg
Goal Weight Achievement Date: 11 of May 2023
Duration: 29.5 Weeks
Actual Weight Lost: 39.2kg

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