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Dom overcame his pain and lost 50kg for his family!


I am 44 years old from Endeavour Hills Victoria and have lost 50kgs on The Man Shake

I have always been large from a young age, in my late 20s I started to gain weight, in my early 30s, I was very active playing Soccer indoor and out up to 4 times a week but still struggled with weight. I started eating better and going to the gym but I would always drop off and get comfortable again and the weight increased.

In early June 2021, I ruptured a disc in my back and I was unable to sit, I had an 11-month daughter who I could only play with laying down, I was struggling and desperate to get it right I was on heavy medications that would knock me out during the night.

Being an older father to a young daughter there is always the want to be healthy to live longer and enjoy her grow up.

I remember asking my wife what she thinks I should do and she told me to try to lose some weight. I googled the Man Shake and ordered the value pack and the rest is history.

Dom 1 New.png

Now that I've lost weight I feel amazing, my heart rate has dropped, I am able to walk up hills without losing breath, my back has improved and I was able to stop the medication.

I can chase after my daughter and play with her, even something as simple as getting her from her cot in the morning.

My biggest roadblock was hunger and eating large meals, it took about 4-weeks for my body to be able to function on less food.

I believe this is the make or break point in any diet. Those who can keep on it are the ones who will achieve. In the past I had too many excuses, I complained about eating beans and lentils, now I want to eat them every day.

I have a Man Shake every morning, I started with a Shake for lunch also but as I was able to eat less I dropped the second one-off. If I am on the run I will take a Man Bar with me to get me through if I can't have lunch on the run.

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Growing up the fat kid can take its toll on you, it was hard to eat alone in a food court, I wouldn't want to get food at a party, and was always self-conscious of what I was wearing. I always sought approval.

Being called names or referred to as big fella would cut so deep, I will never feel like that again. Today I feel strong, healthy and I don't care what anyone thinks. I did it for my daughter, my family but most importantly I did it for myself.

100% The Man Shake changed my life and gave me the foundation to better stable weight loss.


I will continue to use the Man Shake in the morning to give me the perfect start to the day.

Find something in your life worth doing it for, give yourself 4 weeks to get into the habit of better eating, Don't give up, you will get to your goal if you believe in yourself.