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Dean overcame a workplace accident and lost 30kg!


My name is Dean Beevor I'm 36 years old I live in Denman NSW and I've lost 31kg since using The Man Shake.

I've worked in hospitality, mining, and construction for most of my working career as such a love of good food and plenty of beers with the boys after work resulted in me blowing out to a staggering 157kg.

Last December I ended up in an unfortunate forklift accident at work one night which I sustained 3 collapsed discs in my lower back. It was at this point I decided the weight had to go for the future of my healing process and my ongoing health.

I got put onto The Man Shake by a couple of mates that swore by it and I couldn't be happier that I took the step to give it a go.


It's so easy to fit into daily life one shake for breakfast, something light a couple of hours after that like a salad bowl, one at lunchtime, and dinner as normal.

I found that if I drink plenty of water during the day I'm less likely to snack so I drink upwards of 4 litres a day.

The biggest hurdle I faced in losing weight was not seeing the results straight away and getting disheartened by that fact.

I dug deep and put the scales away for months and just kept focused on the goals I set myself like walking every chance I could get and drinking water whenever I felt hungry.

In the end, 9 months was all it took for me to shed 31kg and I feel fantastic!

Since losing the weight I've never felt healthier in myself not only physically but mentally. I've made some massive life changes in which my gorgeous wife and two beautiful girls have benefited from due to my new mindset.


In conclusion, I'd definitely recommend The Man shake to anyone who is looking to lose weight.

The main part of the advice I can give is to stay motivated and get creative with what you add to your shakes to keep it interesting. For example, I add a teaspoon of peanut butter and some honey to the chocolate flavour to make it more appealing.

I'm 100 percent going to continue on my journey to lose 40kg and The Man Shake will be a stable part of that process for sure.