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Dave Needed A Complete Reset To Lose 13kgs


Hey all, I’m Dave and I’ve lost 13kgs (so far) using The Man Shake.

I grew up as a pretty active kid and never really had any notable weight issues. But when I hit my late 20s I formed some bad behaviours and spiralled into a lazy and unhealthy lifestyle without realising it at the time. That mainly came from my job at the time, it was a minimal exercise office job, and day by day my alcohol consumption started to increase. As you would think, this quickly impacted my weight, but soon it began damaging my motivation, energy levels, and overall mental health. Honestly, it was easier for me to relax over a burger and beers than to go for a walk.

"I knew I needed a complete reset"

By my mid-30s I had eventually hit 102kgs. For some guys, this doesn’t seem all that much, but for me, that was a line that was one step too far. I decided to try other meal replacements, but these were short-lived. I had unrealistic expectations of the products and believed I could lose weight without addressing my bad exercise and alcohol habits.

I knew I needed a complete reset. So, I resigned from the office job and entered a new career path in disability support. Soon I learned how much I was motivated by motivating others. But how can I help others when I can’t help myself? If I wanted to assist someone in living their best life I needed to be at my best, both mentally and physically.

I tried The Man Shake after seeing so many positive testimonials from TV and social media. Not only did I feel fuller when compared to the previous meal replacements, but my energy levels were higher. From here I brought in daily walks. Starting at 2km and within six months I was doing anywhere between 6km to 10km per day. I will add that I never started the walks with the primary focus on losing weight. I knew it would help but I wanted to use them as a distraction from my bad habits and improve my mental health.

Now I am sitting at a comfortable 89 kgs but I don’t think I’m done just yet.

"I genuinely feel better and happier about myself"

My typical routine is a Man Shake with skim milk in the morning for not overly active days and a Man Shake blended with a banana and oats for active/training days. My go-to flavours are Choc Mint and the Man Shake GO Mocha (Mocha goes damn well with banana too!!). You also can't beat the value of the Buy 3 Get 1 Free bundle too! Speaking of which, I'm due to order another…

Comparing now to three years ago, the lifestyle and changes couldn't be further apart. I wake up motivated, I have far more energy and I genuinely feel better and happier about myself.

To anyone wanting to give The Man Shake a go, I have simple advice. Please remember that everyone’s story is different. Therefore everyone’s weight loss journey is going to be different too. Set yourself small goals and remember there will be speed bumps along the way. Success often requires failure but the key is persistence and not giving up on yourself. Ask yourself what are you trying to achieve and improve in your life — for me it wasn't just weight loss, but weight loss did contribute to improving so many other parts of my life. But most importantly, it's a balance. Losing weight does not mean never having another beer or hamburger. Reward yourself with something at the end of the week! It will only motivate you to do it all again next week

And lastly, The Man Shakers is such a supportive community. There is no shame in sharing your struggles because chances are there's someone out there who has experienced the exact same thing and can help.

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