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Dave couldn't do his shoes up so he lost 40kg!


I'm Dave a 58-year-old Real Estate agent who is a lover of food and fine dining, combined with Covid the weight soon piled on.

It got to the point that I could only walk 50 metres at a time and then had to stop and catch my breath. On top of that most mornings, my wife had to help me put my shoes and socks on.

After seeing Adam McDougall on tv promoting The Man Shake, I made the decision to give it a go and started on my birthday in June 2021.

I started following the program by replacing breakfast with a Manshake of a morning, cutting out junk food, and swimming every weekday morning.

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Once I started losing weight and realized how easy it was I decided to ditch junk food altogether and started drinking over 3 litres of water per day. I started swimming more and more 1.6kms every morning Monday to Friday.

No that I am 13 months on and 40kgs down I feel fantastic!

Everything has improved including my energy where I can walk 5kms at pace no problems, being so much more mobile is incredible. Plus my wife is pretty happy and loves the new me. My next goal is to hit 50kgs lost by Christmas 2022, so wish me luck!

The Man Shake has changed my life and I won't quit now.

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