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Daniel lost 52kg for his family


Daniel, Western Sydney

For a long time, I just got comfy in life and didn't realise the kilos kept coming.
I was at the pools over last Xmas and I got called some nasty things from some random people. It really doesn't bother me, but seeing it get to my daughter and making her upset got me emotional.
It wasn't long after that happened I had a minor stroke and it really made me think about the simple things in life like my family.
I knew it was time for a change not just for me but my family.
I was watching the TV one night and saw Matt Jurd's story on A current affair that made me check out The Man Shake.
I weighed in at 155kg wearing and 8 or 9xl shirts.
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I've Lost 52kg using The Man Shake
Now that I've lost the weight I'm so much more mobile, my sleep is 100% better to point I no longer snore.
Mentally I struggled but something just clicked and I started going to the gym and really began to feel better and better.
I found a lot of support from the Man Shake community pages on Facebook. So many great guys helping each other and motivating to hit our goals.
If you give it a try and stick with it the results will come.
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