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Daniel knew something had to change after a tragic life event


Hi, my name is Daniel and I have lost 42 kg and counting on The Man Shake! I've always loved food. It was (and still is) by far my favourite pastime. It's just so satisfying biting into that perfectly crafted burger at your favourite corner Fish n' Chip shop.

The months before I started on The Man Shake were my lowest points in life, I was deep in a slump. I never really liked my appearance and would make unnecessary excuses to avoid social situations, to the point I would call in sick to my university classes as I felt uncomfortable with who I was and would go out of my way to avoid late Friday night pub crawls with my mates.

My very first trigger to starting my Man Shake journey was when my Grandmother passed away in December 2019. That had really hit me hard, after seeing photos of me at the funeral, I knew something had to change. I spent a lot of time reflecting on myself and life in general. Did I want to spend it being unhealthy and uncomfortable in my own skin or could I make a significant change and be the best person I can be?

I started doing some research into different methods of improving this. I saw an ad on Facebook for a new diet shake that claimed to encourage weight loss and after reading some reviews with extremely good results, I decided to purchase my first bag!

When I started in December 2019, I was 22 years old, weighed 136 kg at 6'2” tall.

My favourite flavours of the Man Shake are the Honeycomb Choc Crunch, followed by the illusive Birthday Cake. I absolutely adore the Choc Super Greens and am always adding it to every shake. My go-to bundle pack is the 'Fast Weight Loss Pack', which consists of 4x Bags of The Man Shake and 3x Boxes of the Man Bar.

I began weight training at my local gym in November 2020 and since then I've been hooked. The Man Shake is great for keeping my daily protein intake up as it contains 30 grams of protein in each serving.

A breakdown of my current day of eating is intermittent fasting focused. I replace a meal a day with 1 Man Shake for lunch. I also try to drink at least 2 litres of water a day. I've also implemented Cold Showers into my daily routine as well.

  • 12pm – Honeycomb Shake (+ scoop of Super Greens + frozen berries + a scoop of peanut butter, blended) + sprinkle of cinnamon on top
  • 2pm – Cup of Coffee (Cappuccino w/ No Sugar, Skim Milk)
  • 4pm – Man Bar
  • 6pm – A Healthy but delicious meal low in calories
  • 8pm - Gym (Consisting of 3x Days a week of Full body compound movements, every other day)

Honestly, I feel like a new man, I've got a newfound look on life. It's allowed me to show the true version of myself. It's allowed me to push myself and enjoy things with a new perspective.

My confidence has skyrocketed, and I'm no longer afraid to head out to socialize with others. People are always commenting on how different I look, always in a positive light. I've also learnt loads more about being committed and dedicated to looking after my health and making sure that's always one of my main priorities.

If you're feeling down in the dumps or unhappy where things are in your life it’s never too late to start. The fact that you have taken the time to read this is a start. Nothing is impossible, give the Starter pack a go with the shaker. It's super simplified and the shakes taste fantastic and leave you feeling full.

The first 2 weeks are always the most difficult, there are always going to be difficult times, but you've got to trust the program and it will pay off. I'm currently 26 years old and this has been one of my biggest life-changing journeys so far. I'm currently 93.9kg and my goal weight is 90kg.

I'm so very grateful The Man Shake exists as it's the perfect tool to kickstart any weight loss journey.