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Dan lost 15kg in 13 weeks!


Dan, 29 from Plainland QLD.  I started putting on weight after getting employed at a fast-food restaurant and most nights I would eat the junk food at half price cost, up to 3 times per shift, before I started at 9 pm, 3 am on break and upon finishing at 6 am which was terrible for my health. 

Before taking the first step, In bed, I felt heavy, sluggish and always tired after sleeping. So I decided to go to the doctor and got a blood test. Results showed my cholesterol levels were very high (6.6) and I was heading towards getting diabetes. It was time to make a change now.

Health is everything I was gaining weight fast and it was getting out of control with the risk of getting diabetes and other diseases being overweight is bad for your life. I've never felt healthier and happier.

I tried exercising on a treadmill before turning to The Man Shake but I did not see any results. There really is no point working out on a treadmill for 1 hour and going back inside eating sugary foods. You are what you eat.

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To date, I have lost 15kg in 13 weeks using The Man Shake.

After losing the weight a big difference in my cholesterol level is now (3.9) I'm no longer at risk of diabetes, I get excellent sleep, full of energy, eat healthy meals and I feel great!

My biggest roadblock was unhealthy eating, I just never really thought about what kind of food i was eating. Finding The Man Shake definitely works for me.

One of the best things about The Man Shake is the community. It's so supportive and it's all positive through The Man Shakers & Man Shake Men Facebook groups. Everyone is there to help each other and it's great to see.

Fitting The Man Shake into my daily life has been very easy It is just so convenient and easy to make. My favourite flavour is Choc Hazelnut but mixing the flavours is the best! I always add blue/blackberries and chia seeds into each of my shakes.

My mum Adrianna started at the same time as me using The Man Shake and we've had motivation and encouragement for each other which has been fantastic she has lost an amazing 11.1kg so far. She even told her doctor about it as he was amazed at how well she is doing with her weight loss and the doctor has even been telling his patients about The Man Shake instead of giving weight loss pills. 

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I recommend The Man Shake because It fits perfectly into everyday life you can make a shake in seconds it's perfect for on the go and doesn't even feel like a "diet" I still enjoy a treat meal and a couple of beers with the boys every week.

I will always continue to have a Man Shake as part of a healthy breakfast. It tastes awesome and I look forward to having a Man Shake every morning!

Just do it! It's so worth it! Your health is the most important thing in your life. If you don't have your health what do you have...