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Chris lost 20kg and rebuilt his self-confidence!


Chris, 52, Callana Bay NSW

A brief background of my health

Since I was 40, my weight has gradually increased. I think it's because I was focusing too much on work, not getting enough exercise, and, as a tradesman, I was finding it too convenient to grab fast food from the drive through to save time. The weight gain was a gradual thing, but I eventually got up to 108kg over time.

The significant moment where I knew I needed to make a change was a photo taken at my sister's wedding, it horrified me. I simply thought, "no way, that can't be me", but it was. I was so overweight, and that was the wake up call I needed.

Getting Started

Soon after, ads for The Man Shake started popping up in my Facebook newsfeed. As a League fan, I felt a connection to Adam, and his uncomplicated, down to earth approach definitely inspired me to take a closer look.

Before giving The Man Shake a go, I had tried exercising but the weight never shifted and I never saw any results. As Adam says, 'you can't outtrain a bad diet', how true. This really resonated with me.

Within 2 weeks of starting The Man Shake, I dropped 2kg. This was followed by a subtle excitement and as the weeks and months followed, my confidence and self esteem grew. Once this happened, my mind set changed. I started surfing more and was able to play much more actively with my 8yr old son.

I found the shakes fitted into my daily life really easily. As a tradesman, I've never managed to get on top of the fast food temptation between jobs, but The Man Shake really helped with that - I simply pull over, park the truck, mix a shake, pour it down the hatch and I'm off again... Brilliant.

I have lost 20kg with The Man Shake

The biggest difference now that I've lost the weight is my self-confidence and self-esteem, they're at an all-time high. For years I struggled to get up on waves whilst out surfing, I even bought a longboard to compensate for this, but since losing the weight I'm now back on my shortboard surfing like I was at 20.

For me, the biggest roadblock to getting healthy was the thought of sticking to a diet, I simply knew it wouldn't work for me. But The Man Shake is NOT a diet, it's simply a way of life.

If someone is out there thinking about starting, what would you say to them to motivate them? 

The results that you see in the before & after testimonies are fair dinkum, they speak for themselves.