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Bryce lost 25.1kg and gained his confidence.


I'm Bryce 25, from Young New South Wales.

Over the years I was never really overweight.I just wasn't happy with the belly I had from just poor eating habits and eating food even when I wasn't really hungry.

I've tried losing weight before on Weight Watchers but it didn't really work out.

My biggest issue was binge eating at work. We have biscuits in the lunchroom and I can't walk away from them and can't find a way to stop. I do feel bad for doing it and every time I say tomorrow morning ill get back on the train to my journey I set out to do.

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To date i have lost 25.1kg using The Man Shake

It wasn't just losing my belly that made me feel better but it changed my appearance and mindset to become a happier and healthier human being not just mentally but physically.

Because of The Man Shake when I look in the mirror  I smile back and can't believe that it's me!  My face has changed so much that many people who knew me from school can't actually recognise who I am now.


Everything about The Man Shake I just find it easy to drink and a pick me up for the start of the day really. I never realised that something so simple leads to a lot of good things.

Now that I've lost my belly I'm going to go use The Man Shake now for breakfast because I don't have to think about it and will help me maintain my weight.

If anyone is thinking about it just do it. Don't be scared to ask questions for help I joined The Man Shakers Facebook group and was blown away by the support.

We are all in this battle together.