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Brett lost 61kg for good!


I am 30 years old, Born in Georgia, USA. Currently, live in Brisbane.

I have worked in the food industry for the past 11 years, So the temptation is there in front of me daily and it has got the best of me for the last decade.

Over the last 10 or so years, I have shunned myself away from friends and family due to my weight. I may have wasted my 20's but I know moving forward I have extended my life not only in years but also with reconnected relationships with friends and family.

The first time I seriously tried to lose weight I dropped about 30 kgs with a mass amount of walking and not fueling my body right which led to a very short turn around in weight gain.

The second time I hired a P.T and signed up at the gym, I lost about 20 kgs this time and again my workout to food ratio really threw me off.

The third time I lost 20kgs similar to my first attempt i did a lot of walking and not balancing my eating methods right. This was after seeing myself in my wedding photos.

The fourth time I signed up for F45 and the early morning sessions just did not mix well for me but again I lost about 15 kgs and again I put it back on.

This time around I actually didn't plan or even consider losing weight at the time, but my wife asked me if I wanted to give it a go as I have never tried a shake diet before. Now on my 5th attempt at losing weight but with a very different approach.

Working in the food industry really made it hard not to spiral out of control. After many failed attempts before I learnt from each one taking that new-found knowledge over to the next.

I have always heard about The Man Shake but never really gave a lot of thought. I saw some coworkers get on it from time to time, previous to my experience with The Man Shake.

The biggest difference is that The Man Shake really makes food choices so much easier than before as I only need to think about 1 healthy good meal a day rather than coming up with something 3 times a day which worked perfectly for someone like me.

Also, I lost it all with no working out!!
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I have lost 61 kgs using The Man Shake over the course of 7 months.

The Man Shake really makes this easy. I sometimes think too easy, As I didn't have to work out once to lose weight, which was my mindset every other attempt.

Just like life we all have our daily routines.

For example, wake up, brush your teeth, get ready for work etc. Now my eating habits are a part of my daily routine and I like to eat at certain times and it's clockwork now.

You save a lot of money, you lose weight(easily), you genuinely feel better and the compliments are great along the way! I can't count how many times I've heard from people "Geez!! you lost weight!"

1000% I will be, it's a part of my life now and I am forever grateful!

If working out or doing exercise isn't your thing and you want to lose weight purely on watching what you eat, I can say with 61kgs lost confidence that The Man Shake is made for you.

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