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Brad Lost 30kgs on The Man Shake!


Hi, I’m Brad, a professional drummer aged 52 and I’ve lost 30kgs thanks to The Man Shake.

I’ve struggled up and down with my weight my whole life, however 7 months ago I just decided that enough was enough, and I made a plan. I researched diet, exercise, weight loss and made a plan – and The Man Shake was a huge part of that plan.

I first started The Man Shake when I weighed in at 97kgs – I've tried lots of things in the past, and they haven’t worked enough to sustain a weight loss. I was over feeling flat and drained all of the time.

I decided to get stuck into it and stop making excuses, I got rid of all the junk food in my cupboards and ordered my Man Shakes.  I started getting up at 5:45am too, and I was walking every morning for 5kms, and I did some stretching. I also jumped on my drum kit too, which was my main motivator for my weight loss. I wanted to have more energy to do the things I love again.

My food intake was also an important factor in my weight loss and getting rid of the junk food in my house definitely helped with that.

My daily food intake looks something like this;

  • Breakfast – Vanilla Man Shake with a banana in it, and some ice cubes
  • Morning tea – cup of black tea with a dash of milk, and a cup of green grapes
  • Lunch – 1 scoop Chocolate and 1 scoop Vanilla Man Shake – I put it in the freezer so that it’s close to being frozen, and then I eat it like ice cream. And I also have a small sugar-free Greek Yoghurt
  • Afternoon tea – black tea and a piece of fruit
  • Dinner – I alternate between having a Vanilla Man Shake with banana and ice, or I have a mixed vegetable omelette and a small serving of various meat/protein
  • After dinner – black tea with a dash of milk, and sometimes for dessert I have a Man Bar

After work I would walk again, and do some weight training. As time progressed, I stepped up my exercise – I've so far added a treadmill, rowing machine, more weights, exercise fall and free-standing boxing bag into my workout regime.


I’ve finally been able to not only lose weight, but I’ve also changed my life completely. The food I eat, my activity levels, my mental and fitness health feel like never before. From a professional perspective, my drumming energy is at the next level, and has helped me more than ever.

I’m currently weighing in at 67kgs, which means I’ve lost 30kgs in 7 months, which is awesome.

Being a single guy at 52, I’ve never felt better with my health, and my confidence. The Man Shake has been such a huge part of my life change, and I will continue that journey to be even better.

My favourite flavours are definitely vanilla and a chocolate/vanilla combo. I love to put banana and ice cubes in my shakes to make them have a thick and creamy texture too. I like it best when it’s like ice cream consistency. When I’m ordering those flavours I usually do the Buy 3 Get 1 Free Pack, because I find it’s the best value for money, and the delivery is always super quick.  I’ve actually just ordered Choc Banana, which could be a game changer.

My advice to anyone would be to just start, but also to make a plan that can evolve as you do. I had every excuse in the book for my lifestyle, but they are just excuses. My health, my weight, my mental health and my life has completely transformed thanks to The Man Shake.