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Blair lost 24kg after finding out he was going to be a Dad.


Blair, 26, Townsville QLD.

Fluctuating from 100-110kg, I was always a bigger guy. I wasn't really ever bothered about my weight and body though, as I was working in a really active job.

I suffered a workplace injury that landed me in the hospital for around 3 months. I was in a wheelchair for 2 months after that, and then on to crutches for another couple months. I suffered from depression during this time and turned to food as a source of happiness and comfort.

Bad eating habits became more and more regular after this and the only exercise/activity I was able to do at that point was a small amount of rehab at the physio. Because of all this, I was packing on the weight.

I found out I was going to be a dad, and this was the turning point where I knew I had to get healthier.

Getting started

My Mum had suggested trying The Man Shakes to me a few times, so I did some online research and it seemed like a good thing. In the end, it turned out to be a great thing.

Before trying The Man Shake, I had never really tried to properly lose weight. I'd cut back a little on food throughout the days if I felt I was eating too much, but it never worked because I'd then overeat at dinner.

I normally have a shake for breakfast around 10am, then another shake for lunch at 2pm with a Man Bar in between as snacks. For dinner, I'll normally try something from Adam's recipes online. My favourite flavour is Caramel for sure, they make the best Mancakes!

I have now lost 24.5kg with The Man Shake

The biggest difference for me now I've lost the weight is that I no longer hate the way I look. I've gained back so much of my self-confidence. I honestly just feel healthier.

My biggest roadblock to getting healthier was having the wrong mindset. My approach to food and dieting was way off, and it didn't change until I got the news of becoming a Dad. When this happened, it was just like a switch flicked inside of me and I actually wanted to lose the weight and get healthier.

If someone is out there thinking about starting, what would you say to them to motivate them?

You have to want to lose the weight first. If you do give Man Shake a go, the results will be motivating enough to keep you going. And it's cheap! Cheaper than the smoko van or pie shop.