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Billy set himself a goal and lost 24kg


I’m 30 years old from Bega NSW, I have lost 24kgs using the man shake twice a day since January.

In November 2018 I changed jobs from a builders labourer to a sales rep traveling on the road which isn’t near as active as labouring, from then I built bad habits of eating poorly and not exercising at all. I’ve tried numerous times to shed the weight but never lasted and fell back into bad habits.

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I had a mate tell me about the man shake and that he had lost weight using it. I set some goals at the start of the year (2022) to play local first-grade footy again something I haven’t done since 2016 I had previously been playing reserve grade.

I went to every pre-season training, started getting up at 5 am and running and walking before work, and stuck to having 2 shakes, 2 snacks, and a healthy dinner daily and built better and a healthier routine.

For me, my health was a priority, and setting myself some personal goals pushed me that little bit more, when I ran I would try to beat previous times and build on that.

Once the weight started dropping I was hooked unlike previously quitting and not sticking with it.


"The Man Shake was convenient for me as I’d just pack it the night before work which only took a few minutes."

If I could suggest to anyone that wanted to lose weight try The Man Shake and create a routine of packing it the night before work. If you have it with you it’ll stop the temptation of buying an unhealthy lunch or smoko.

I’ve currently broken my foot playing footy and The Man Shake has made life a lot easier knowing if I can’t run I can still eat well and keep my mind at ease knowing it works and I won’t fall back into bad habits if I’m using The Man Shake.

Now that I’m near my weight goal of losing 25kg I will still continue with it daily as a healthy option and make it a lifestyle change, not just something I did to lose weight.

For anyone that needs some extra motivation I’d suggest joining The Man Shakers group on Facebook everyone in there is great and I found some good ideas on calorie counting and training ideas from the guys.