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Benny regained his energy and lost 56kg!


My names Benny, I'm 34 years old from Mount Druitt in NSW.

My weight has always been a yoyo - always up and down, lose some, gain more, which led to a bit of anxiety trying to work it all out. I just could never stick to a diet, which is how I got to the point of saying enough is enough.

The moment I actually started my journey was when I was looking back on recent holiday and Christmas photo's and thinking to myself 'whoa - am I really this big' and 'how did I put on this much weight'.

Having 4 children myself plus all the niece's and nephew's, it gets demanding at times keeping up with everyone. I knew I needed to make changes to my lifestyle so I could be more active with sports and everyday life.

I knew about the Man Shake for a few year's from TV advert's but I never took the leap and tried it. It wasn't until I came across the Facebook page and the community group page called Man Shake Men where I read some of the posts and gathered a lot of advice from fellow members.

I've tried other shakes which I didn't stick with due to the taste of them, and other meal services which just forced me to stop due to price.

Since starting on my Man Shake journey I've lost 56kgs and feel fantastic!

I now I have more energy to get up and go train and play with the kids, or even to just kick a ball around. I've gone from not being able to run 100 metres to running 10km with ease.

Giving up unhealthy food and drinks was hard at first, as was getting into a routine and sticking to a meal plan. The Man Shake has really helped along the way as I don't feel the urge to go and binge eat anymore. I'm always eating, shaking, snacking and feeling more full then I've ever been.

The shakes are quick to make which has made it easy for them to fit into my daily life, whereas on other diets things may take time to make and you'll end up thinking there's an easier option - we have all been there.

The shakes taste great compared to anything on the market and its cost-effective for anyone on a budget like myself. Also, I love combining different flavours together - I highly recommend 1 scoop banana and 1 scoop choc - tastes like rainbow paddle pop!

Once I hit my ultimate goal weight of 80kg I will still use the Man Shakes as part of my daily routine to maintain my dream weight. If your skeptical about starting, read the stories, gather the information regarding meal planning, even flick me a message if you need some help!

Don't think of it as a diet - think of it as a lifestyle change for the better. If I can do it - anyone can, it's been one of the best decisions of my life.