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Ben wanted a new look, so he lost 37kgs!


Hi I’m Ben, I’m 34 and from Perth, Western Australia. So far, I’ve lost 37kgs thanks to The Man Shake.

Last year I went to my mate’s wedding with my wife, and when I got the photos back I was honestly shocked. I knew I had put weight on, but I didn’t realise how big I’d gotten. I knew I needed to make a change.  

I’ve tried lots of different diets in the past, but none of them had worked. I’d heard of The Man Shakes from the ads, so I thought I would give it a go. I started by buying a Variety Pack at Coles to see what I liked. I’m a pretty simple man so vanilla and chocolate were my go-tos. 

After a few weeks I already started seeing some results, so I decided to stick to this plan; 
  • Coffee in the morning 
  • 10am – Shake 
  • 1pm – Shake and a piece of fruit  
  • 3:30pm – a Man Bar and some almonds
  • 6:30pm – dinner, normally some meat and veggies 
I was never starving, and my motivation (which is the motivation for most things in my life) was my family. I was doing it for my wife, my mum, my dad, sisters, and most importantly, myself. I just wanted to not only feel good, but also look good.  

I’ve always liked clothes and fashion, but being a bigger person definitely limits your options. But now I can wear nice stuff and don’t need to go to specialist shops for my clothes.  

Since starting the shakes, I have more energy, I’m confident, and I’m just happier. My advice to anyone would be to just to give it a go; it works, trust me. I also want to add that I was definitely inspired by watching Adam, and other Man Shakers such as Ash aka That Fat Guy, and the Jurdman too. So, thank you to Adam and the Man Shake for changing my life.