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Ben Lost 30kg To Keep Up With His Son


My name is Ben, I'm 39 from Brisbane. So far I've lost 30kg with The Man Shake.

I never really classified myself as “overweight” – I was 115kg at my heaviest and 107kg when I started on TMS. If I look back at photos now, I was definitely overweight.

I’ve always loved my food and for the first 39 years of my life salad and veg weren’t high on my list of priorities – meat, cheese, potatoes & bread or some combination of all 4 was my ideal meal. I loved crazy food – doughnut burgers, deep-fried mars bars, etc – the crazier the better.

I’m also an avid barbecuer – and was eating lots of fatty low & slow cuts of meat with high carb sides every weekend for quite a few years. Exercise was never really a priority either.

Now I find that I’m loving my veggies and salads and if I miss a day of exercise I feel off balance.

I’d been trying to eat “healthyish” during the week for a while in order to support and offset my weekend barbecue habit, which is how I’d gotten down from 115 to 107.

I’d been traveling interstate a lot for work and had been eating a lot from Uber Eats and hotel breakfasts, and often skipping lunch when away from home because I was just too busy, or if I did eat lunch it was greasy takeaway or something from the vending machine at the office.

So, I came up with the idea of getting on to shakes for convenience – at least then I’d get a decent lunch and be able to somewhat continue my theme of eating “healthyish” during the week.

I got fairly serious about it all in February of this year, my little boy was proving to be a massive ball of energy as he approached his 2nd birthday and was making no signs of slowing down and I found myself struggling to keep up.

I wanted to be able to run with him at the park and not be out of breath. So I started having shakes on the weekends as well as during the week and made the decision to see if I could get under 100kg. After that, it was just about setting new goals as I approach my current goal.

As I mentioned above – my little boy has an enormous amount of energy and I’m no spring chicken. I want to be able to play with him and keep up and not have to take time out to recover my breath. I also want to set a good example for him around the importance of exercise, diet and general health. And when he does run out of steam and take a nap, I want to have the energy to do some things for myself or get some things done around the house.

I’d heard about The Man Shake from one of the guys at work in my team. I Googled it for a bit more info and the rest is history.

I tried Weight Watchers meals at work during the week when I was not traveling for some time but got pretty over frozen meals.

I tried the ALDI weight loss shakes at first then OptiSlim Life & OptiFast which were OK but I felt hungry and struggled to concentrate in the afternoons. I wasn’t really following the meal plan well as I hadn’t done much research and really know much about it all then.

Finally, I settled on The Man Shake – they taste better, are lower in sugar and had an easy to follow meal plan that worked with my schedule. The guide suggested reasonable snacks that sounded quite tasty and the way it was pitched “to lose the weight without giving up everything you love” really resonated with me.

Pretty quickly I bought and read Adam’s books and took on exercise routines and tried out most of the recipes.

I now feel fantastic – I’m running 20+k/week, plenty of energy to play with my boy. Mission accomplished, I say!

I’m not sure I really had a roadblock, once I decided I was “all in” on it, I found it pretty easy. I’ve adjusted my weekend barbecuing to have a bit more of a healthy bent to it (healthier sides, etc) and really just making sure I stick to my exercise routine and meal plan.

Not having to travel to Sydney and Melbourne for half the week every week since COVID has probably made it easier to stick to as well.

The Man Shake fit into my routine really well. I generally do 14/10 intermittent fasting, have good, healthy snacks on hand and the shakes are delicious and quick and easy to make. The Man Bars are great too!

Now a bunch of people from my work are giving the shakes a go!

I see myself having at least 1 shake a day for the foreseeable future.

If someone reading this is thinking of starting, just give it a go – it tastes great, and it’s not a massive amount of effort. Find what works for you and stick to it. Routine is key.