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Ben Found A New Lease On Life After Losing 25kg


My name is Ben, I'm 40 years old from Freeling SA.

I’ve been on The Man Shakes for the past 12 months and so far lost 25kgs!

With a young family and busy life my health wasn’t a priority until last September. I had a good look in the mirror and told myself to pull your finger out and do something for me.

I challenged myself to lose 19kg by Christmas and Christmas Eve I weighed in at 99.5kg - my first tick. This gave me so much self-confidence and belief in myself.

I found TMS to be enjoyable and straight away, coffee was my favourite.

I was a rookie at weight loss and was always too busy, but with the support of my family I backed myself and gave it 200%.

With a young active family, I never would participate much as to having no self-confidence with my body but now I’m so hands-on helping out with football and cricket practice, and the weekend bike rides that give me so much pride.

I drive 45 minutes to work daily so my morning shake was easy and set me up physically and mentally for a great day.

I would recommend The Man Shake to others as the proof is in my results, the meal planner and Facebook pages are amazing, also great to pick you up when having a bad day.

The Man Shake is part of my lifestyle now and I will continue to use it. A positive mindset has become my new norm.

Over the past few months, I have experimented by adding different berries, fruits and nuts to my morning shake and I love it!

If you're thinking of giving it a go, the first thing you need to do is get your mind and attitude right and back yourself. Then just watch the results come!

Game changer for me.