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Mark Knuckled Down, Got His Health In Line And Lost 9kg


Hi everyone, my name is Mark, and I’ve lost 9kg so far using The Man Shake.

As 2023 was coming to an end, I decided it was time to knuckle down and finally get my health in order. At only 48 years old, I was starting to feel "old". My gut health was terrible, cramps and pains were common. I have an umbilical hernia which was causing me a lot of discomfort, even though my doctor said it was safe to live with but to monitor. The bigger my beer gut got, the more protruding and painful it got.

A few months prior to starting The Man Shake, I'd tried intermittent fasting, to no avail. A few years ago, I tried the keto diet, which gave me results, but was such an immensely draining task with the strict dietary and meal prep requirements. 

Oh, and did I mention I'm lazy! Don't get me wrong, I love bushwalking and have started to enjoy kayaking, but they're obviously not daily routines. But old me was happy to get home from work, crack a beer (or 6), and eat.

"Their father, my grandfather, I never got to meet"

Now, I wasn't massive. When I began The Man Shake, my starting weight was 80.2kg. My goal is 70kg. But I knew if changes weren't made, before I knew it I'd be pushing 90 and so on.

What worried me most was my family history. I lost my dad to heart disease in 2022. His older brother passed a little over a year later, with all the same health problems as Dad. Their father, my grandfather, I never got to meet. He was the victim of heart disease and diabetes, and passed when my dad was only 18. So, as you can see, there was a real need to break that cycle. Even though I get regular check-ups, prevention better than a cure, right?

So, 2024 began, and I decided maybe I'll give The Man Shake a crack. I started by watching some videos on YouTube of men who'd had success with the shakes. And one in particular stood out and reminded me of myself (thanks @Brad_Bandicoot). I bought a Variety Pack from Woolworths the following week and haven't looked back.

I've used The Man Shake guide as just that, a guide. But it's really taught me to be aware of what is in the ingredients of what I'm consuming. I look for low or no-sugar options, high-protein options, I avoid bad fats and bad carbs. I eat more fruit than ever before. And salads lol, I eat the leftovers now, whereas they barely made it on my plate in the past. And beer is a treat. Maybe if I go out for dinner, or a couple while I watch the footy, but not every night.

"For the first month or so, I was dropping about a kilo a week"

A typical day for me is as follows:

Being a postie, my eating habits are pretty far from the norm. I start with a Man Shake GO!, (my favourite now by the way) at around 4:30 am. Around 7, I'll eat a banana. Lunch is around 8:30-9am and will be either a John West Tuna Protein bowl or sliced meat on sandwich thins, and a protein yoghurt or piece of fruit. Then I hit the road to deliver, and at some point, if I get peckish, I'll have a low-carb protein bar. When I finish work around 2 or 3pm, I have my second Man Shake, either Banana, Caramel or Vanilla. Dinner is always just whatever my wife makes, and I've never been too strict with it, but we have generally always had healthy dinners. My big problem in the past was post-dinner snacking. Not anymore. I may treat myself to a small serve of protein ice cream, or a serving of low or no-sugar dark chocolate. 

For the first month or so, I was dropping about a kilo a week, with minimal exercise. Every so often I'd do a 10-minute workout I found on YouTube featuring Adam MacDougall and Merv Hughes.

And then I plateaued at around 75kg. I had to get active. So, I started walking and I really enjoy it. I'm lucky to live near the beach, so most afternoons I head down to the esplanade and walk briskly for 30 minutes and cover about 3km. I also do 50 push-ups a day. Doing this made the biggest change, the gut and man boobs finally shrank.

When buying my shakes, I always get the Buy 3 Get One Free bundleMy go-to now is two GO! in Espresso and Vanilla Latte, and two bags of either Banana, Vanilla or Caramel. 

I'm a little over a kilo away from my goal now. Best of all, I feel fantastic. Those belly cramps and pains are gone. The hernia no longer protrudes or gives me discomfort. I look in the mirror and feel happy. I've even had to buy new clothes. It's a great feeling.

I've even inspired a couple of workmates to use The Man Shake, and the three of us really support each other. The support from the Facebook group is also awesome.

So, if you're considering The Man Shake, what have you got to lose, other than bad habits and most importantly weight? Give it a go, you won't regret it.

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