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Andrew Was Motivated By The Birth Of His Daughter And Lost 32kg


I’m Andrew, I’m 36 from Quinns Rocks in Perth, WA and I have lost 32kg on the Man Shake.

As a teenager and through my 20’s I was a competitive sailor and active waterman in the UK, extremely fit and healthy. Throughout my university years, the weight started increasing but always managed to keep it manageable.

After moving to Australia 8 years ago and changing my career my lifestyle changed. Long hours at work and eating what you can grab when you can grab it just saw me blow out to 139kg. I was on a downward spiral and thought I was hiding my weight gain pretty well with clothing but couldn’t see just how big I had got. At Christmas 2019 I admitted to myself I had gotten bigger and asked for a new wardrobe of clothes as presents. 46inch shorts and 4xl shirts.

The significant moment for me was my wife falling pregnant at the end of December 2019 and we were watching A Current Affair with Matt Jurd's incredible Man Shake story. I logged straight onto the Man Shake website and ordered the New Year’s Pack and haven’t looked back since.

The birth of my beautiful baby daughter has been my motivation all the way through, it is so important to me to be an active healthy dad and to teach my daughter to be healthy and be able to participate in all activities with her as she grows up.

I have tried several diets over the past 6 years such as Paleo and had some success, but none have been sustainable over time and I slipped back into old bad habits.

I have just been shopping for new clothes and am so happy I can shop in normal shops and now bypass the big guy section. I have dropped from a 46inch waist to a 36inch waist and from a 4xl to a 2xl shirt. I have stopped snoring completely so my wife is much happier and also reduced my blood pressure to a perfect level and I no longer need blood pressure medication. I feel much healthier and ready to finally take my shirt off on the beach this summer without being self-conscious.

My biggest roadblock was eating at the wrong time of day and late at night doing fridge raids and drinking alcohol most days. Due to my wife being pregnant throughout my journey I stopped drinking alcohol completely to support her. The Man Shake program gave me a structured routine to eating and found it so easy to adapt and stick to the plan without falling off the wagon.

By starting the Man Shake I forced myself to change my lifestyle and also my work habits and now stop every 2 hours for either a shake or a Man Bar or snack.

I have recommended the Man Shake and Lady Shake to so many people including a few colleagues who have now started their own journey. The flavours of the shakes are amazing especially caramel and the Man Bars are so good - especially the choc berry straight out of the fridge. The 'Man Shake Men' Facebook group has been a never-ending supply of information support, advice and encouragement.

I am still working towards my target weight of double figures and think the Man Shake will always be a part of my diet, especially for breakfast. Maintaining the weight for me is more important than losing it and I see the change as a lifestyle change and not a fad diet.

If someone was thinking about starting the Man Shake I would first ask them WHY they want to do it and make sure they are in the correct mindset to start. A positive mental attitude, motivation of a first baby and underlying health issues such as snoring and high blood pressure were all I needed to ensure I succeeded.

I’ve told everyone it’s not a magic formula, its will power and hard work alongside a meal replacement program.

Now people are noticing and commenting on my weight loss which is a great buzz and has given me even more drive to keep going.