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Andrew lost 20kg and got back in the ring!


Andrew, 37

I was a really active person when I was younger. I played Aussie rules, tennis, basketball and did boxing, but as I got older I noticed my body giving up on me so I gave it away. When I stopped, I began gaining weight and ballooned out to 110kg. I was becoming lazier and less motivated, and also began eating fried stuff because it was quick and easy.

A few years had passed this way when I ran into one of my old boxing coaches in the shopping centre. I told him that I needed to do something about my weight, and began boxing again soon after. Even though I was boxing again, I still wasn't losing any weight because my food intake hadn't changed.

One day I was watching the footy on TV and saw an ad for The Man Shake. I thought to myself, "I've got nothing to lose", so I decided to give it a crack.

I set my start date to be after the AFL Grand Final, and my boxing coach challenged me to get to 91kg so I could have my first fight!

I began having 2 shakes a day with salmon and sweet potato for tea because I don't eat greens. Nuts were my go-to snack, and I drank only water. The first few days after starting I had headaches, but I was determined to make the 91kg weight limit for my fight by February so I pushed through. My coach doubted that a shake could work, but I stuck with it.

As the first few weeks had passed I was losing good weight, so a sponsor from the boxing club jumped on and offered a reward for the club if I made weight so with that came more motivation! I'm a really competitive person, so that gave me something to work for.

Besides boxing 2 nights a week, I began to run 5km on my days off. At first, I struggled with the distance, but it just became part of my weekly routine and got easier.

Andrew lost 20kg with The Man Shake

In February, I had my final weigh-in for the fight and weighed in at 90.8kg, which meant I finally got to get into the ring.

Since then, my life has changed and I continue to use The Man Shake to maintain my weight and healthy lifestyle. On top of that, I'm more energised than I've ever been, even my early 20's.

Thank you to The Man Shake for giving me my life back.