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An old photo motivated Wes to lose 22kg


Wes, 29, Maitland NSW

A brief background

How did I get to this point with my weight? Well, I became time poor, I kept putting things off and I just became lazy in my life.

Eventually, after seeing a few photos of my old self, I knew something had to change because I was really unhappy with how I looked and felt.

Getting Started

I found out about the man shake from a few guys at work who use it and decided I would give it a go as well.

Losing weight and getting healthy again is important to me because I want to have a better self-image and the energy to run around and do everyday tasks with ease.

Reading through the booklet I got with my order made me really look at my overall diet and I knew that it needed to change if I wanted to see results. I started having The Man Shake and going to the gym, and couldn't believe how easy and quick it was to prepare and consume! As soon as I wake up in the morning, I have my shake and then prepare for work.

I have now lost 22kg with The Man Shake


The biggest difference now I've lost the weight is how much energy I have, it feels like I'm 21 again! Buying clothes has become easier and I feel the happiest I have in years.

The biggest roadblock to losing weight for me was the takeaway and soft drink. Working on the road as a sales rep, these bad food choices were too convenient and easy to make.

What would you say to guys thinking about giving it a crack?

I'd recommend The Man Shake to anyone looking to make healthier choices and lose some weight. It has great tasting flavours and it's actually quite filling! It takes away those cravings during the day and helps you feel fuller for longer.

If you're thinking about starting, my advice would be to stop putting it off and start today. Once you see the results yourself, there is no better feeling!