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An International Holiday Made Simon Want to Change his Life and Lose 40kgs!


Hi, my name is Simon and I’ve lost 40kgs with the help of The Man Shake.

I’m from an Italian background, and I finally decided to book my flights to see where my family is from. As soon as I booked my flights, I started The Man Shake. I pledged to myself, that there was no way I would travel to Italy at 130kgs.

At the beginning of The Man Shake journey, I started replacing two meals a day, breakfast and lunch. Then for dinner, I had protein and veggies. I was determined as my tickets to Italy were booked and I promised myself that I would stick to not only bettering myself but also bettering my health!

I had the goal in sight, and I chased that goal until the moment I stepped on the airplane. And I’ve never looked back! Having 20kgs off my back whilst being overseas was life changing, I was able to walk around and experience my trip to the best potential! My knees and ankle weren’t sore at all, I just felt like a different person and didn’t have all that weight to hold me back!

When I returned home, I continued on my weight loss journey and dropped another 20kgs.


After using The Man Shake and losing 40kgs in total, I finally have the energy to chase my 3-year-old nephew around for hours. To be able to interact and connect with him is truly the most special thing to me.

Physically, I’m feeling more confident, especially in the clothes I wear and how I wear them. I now walk into a shop and choose what I want to wear without thinking “is this going to fit me?”.

The overall experience for me has been life-changing, and I am so glad I stayed positive and dedicated throughout the whole process.

The best thing I could say to anyone who’s thinking of starting The Man Shake, is to just do it! I can promise you that you won’t regret it because the opportunities that come along with weight loss are priceless!