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A heart attack motivated Gary to change his life, losing 38kg!


Gary, 52, from Bundaberg QLD

A brief background of my health.

I was always pretty fit when I was younger, playing AFL and eating and drinking what I liked. But over the last 30 years a lack of exercise, eating the wrong foods and too much food came back to bite me, big time.

In June last year, I woke with a strange feeling in my left arm. I'd never felt anything like it before but assumed I may have slept on it funny. But it continued to get worse and, as my wife and I are from medical backgrounds, we decided we'd better get it checked at the hospital.

I went outside to get in the car and that's when I just felt really sick. I knew we needed to get some more help so we called an ambulance. It arrived soon after and gave me medication for a possible heart attack.

The hospital did some tested and that's when it started to get serious. My bloodwork showed I did indeed have a heart attack that morning, and an Angiogram I had soon after revealed just how close I was to cardiac arrest and death.

After that, I knew I needed to do something about it because most people don't get a second chance like I did. Leading up to the attack, I was fat, lazy, drank excessively and ate too much junk. It got so bad that I hadn't even weighed myself in 10 years, I just accepted it.

After my heart surgery and speaking to my Cardiologist, I knew I had two choices. I could either change my lifestyle, lose at least 40kg and sort my extremely high cholesterol out, or I could die an early death. I was 124.4kg at the time.

Getting Started

I'm a through and through Rugby League fan and ex player. I knew of Adam already and saw numerous ads on Facebook and Foxtel. I had looked at the product previously and never given it the chance, but now seeing it again after this I knew it was what I needed.

Earlier in my life, I had tried weight watchers and became a life member, but that changed over the years for me. Life became harder with children arriving and work getting tougher, and what I'd learnt from weight watchers quickly disappeared.

When I started The Man Shake, I found it fitted into my day relatively easy. I had the 2 shakes a day and some snacks in between. It seemed daunting at first, but after a few weeks of perseverance, I managed to overcome the doubts and hunger pains. When it got hard, I fell back on my motto, "you want to die young or live to a ripe old age?". My health scare continued to motivate me through the process, and I found the convenience of the shakes at work was ideal. No mess, just shake and you're done.

Gary has lost a total of 38kg using The Man Shake.

In the 9 months that followed my heart surgery, I lost 38kg. Not just that, but I lost 20cm around my weight, my BMI dropped from 38 to 25.9, and my cholesterol dropped from a dangerous 6.9 to 3.4, a healthy range.

As you can see, I'm loving life. I'm back to a normal weight and able to fit into normal clothes again (I never knew pants came in 'skinny'!). I don't snore anymore (according to the wife) and I don't suffer from heartburn. Again, I feel Brilliant, the best I have in years. Thank you, Mr Man Shake.

To be honest, my biggest roadblock was the determination and will power to keep going with it but knowing it was either persevere or die really helped to put things into perspective. I was never a believer in weight loss shakes, but now I simply love it. The results helped me stay motivated and now I'm nearly at the end of my journey, I'll never look back.

It's funny, at the start of my journey I had a lot of people saying to me, "you're wasting your time, they don't work!". After about 6 weeks when you could start noticing the difference, the doubters began to ask me questions on how I was doing it. After a few months, I had numerous people coming to me to ask about my weight loss and how to get the results themself. I recommended The Man Shake to all of them. I'm very proud of being able to help other people, and I feel like The Man Shake and I are a team, helping others to get healthy and lose weight.

If someone is out there thinking about starting, what would you say to motivate them?

I had a lot of doubters when I started. The best thing was proving them all wrong and watching their reactions after losing 35kg+!

Try it in small amounts, start out with a variety pack and don't let anyone tell you what to do or that you can't do it. Drink plenty of water, exercise regularly and try the recipes on the website, they're great!