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A friend's weight loss success motivated Jared to lose 33kg!


Jared, 39, South Windsor, NSW.

I've always struggled with my weight but in 2010 I had a minor car accident that jarred my back, leading to 3 slipped discs and a bulging disc. I was off work for 3 months and piled on the weight, nearly 30 kgs.

I tried over the years to lose the weight, counting calories, exercise, eating healthy - I signed up for the gym a few times - I would get a week or two into training and my back would go out on me, I'd get myself right again, take it easy heading back to the gym again and bam, back was gone.

I blew out to 135kgs at my worst. I found a yoga program that got me pain-free and helped me lose a few kilos down to 127kgs and that was where I've stayed for years.

I started working a second job at a pub where I met a friend. He was a big man who was the supervisor on a Saturday night. Shifts got changed and he disappeared from working the same shifts that I was. I didn't see him for about 6 months and when we crossed paths again he'd lost at least a third of his body weight. That man was Matt Jurd.

Matt encouraged me to try The Man Shake, and after seeing his results I couldn't say no and I haven't looked back.


I have lost 33kg with The Man Shake

I replaced my breakfast and lunch with The Man Shake and started watching what I ate. I haven't cut anything out, I just reduced what I was eating. If I want some lollies, I have a couple, not half bag of them. I've switched to dark chocolate, once again, I have 4 pieces of a block not half a block. When we have our weekly takeaway, I order the small meal not a large meal with an extra burger.

I love The Man Shake, and I feel so much better since losing the weight. I have so much more energy, getting out of bed is easier in the morning and I'm sleeping better at night.

For anyone out there who is on the fence on trying The Man Shake, I say this - Grab a Multipack with all the flavours. Find the ones that taste the best to you. Personally, I love the coffee shake, it's fantastic.

Try and give yourself the best chance you can. Give it a real shot by replacing one or two meals a day, watch what you eat, and know that you don't have to cut everything out, just have it in moderation and see where it takes you.

For me, it's taken me down a road I never thought I'd walk again - The road to a fitter, better and healthier Jared. It just might take you down your own path to a healthier you too.