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Ryan stuck with the Man Shakes and has now lost 107kg


Hi, my name is Ryan and I’ve lost 107kgs with the help of The Man Shake.

This is an update on my weight loss journey as when I last checked in, I was doing The Today Show, and I was 96kgs, down from 189kgs. But as of last week, I’ve hit my new goal, and my recommended BMI from my doctor.

As of late April 2023, I’m now sitting at 82kgs, my goal weight. Ridiculous really. I only ever wanted to get down to 110ish when my journey started. It's truly amazing what the body and mind are capable of with the right mindset and attitude.  But now I’m 107kgs less than I was in January 2020.



After I was on The Today Show, I changed up my shaking routine and I dropped to using one shake a day shortly after that as an easy breakfast option. I always bought the Buy 3 Get 1 Free Bundle, and made sure I always had all the flavours on the go so I could mix and match.

I felt ready to go down to one shake a day - as I had learnt so much through that first 18 months of weight loss about what foods to consume, at what times, how to calorie count, and to focus on the right about of macros and all that stuff.


My routine for the first 12 months of shaking looked like this;

Breakfast – Man Shake Snack – around 10:30am Lunch – Man Shake Snack – around 2pm Dinner – a healthy meal

Basically every Saturday night I would have a few beers and some form of ‘treat meal.’ It’s important to have a balance to suit your lifestyle. I like all of the flavours of the shakes, however I’d rarely just have one flavour at a time, I liked to mix them together. I’d use 1 scoop of 2 different flavours to make endless combos and never had the same shake twice. Vanilla is so versatile, and I was able to mix it with anything. If I had to pick one flavour to have all the time though, it would have to be honeycomb though - I was very happy when that came out!!

I was quite firm on my routine for the first 12 months of my journey, and eventually backed off following my routine so strictly, and started focusing more on fueling my body properly and increased my exercise routine. I learnt more about foods and what I could eat and how my body reacted to them. I was able to make better decisions of my lifestyle and eating from what I learnt from The Man Shake.

Along the way I had set myself the goal of running the City to Bay 12km run, which is an annual event that happens in Adelaide.

I trained super hard to get my body to a point where I could run 12km. It was definitely a challenge and I had to have a lot of discipline. Excitingly, this last September I completed that run and in a good time too, of one hour and four minutes. I’m really proud of myself for completing this goal.

Since I completed the City to Bay 12km run, I really took to running and have completed many little fun runs and park runs along the way. With all the running, healthy eating and using the knowledge I had learnt whilst on the shakes I continued to drop weight slowly.

My new goal was to get myself to a "normal" BMI, which for me was 82kgs. And last week I achieved that goal...which is mind blowing. One of the big reasons that I made the decision to lose weight was because my wife and I will one day start a family, so it’s great that that I’m sitting at a weight where this can happen, and I can stop missing out on activities because I am too big.

The Man Shake helped me feel fantastic, this product along with hard work, and severe determination helped me achieve my goal, and change my life. My physical health obviously benefitted, but my mental health and confidence levels are also greatly improved!

At the start of 2023 I spurted out a tongue in cheek comment about running 2023kms this calendar year... But I'm actually on track to do that having clocked up over 650kms so that could be a possibility!

The shakes were overall a massive part of my journey, and I will continue to recommend the products to anyone looking for help. There are currently two people in my office at work getting started on their journey. It really works if you want it to, but it's not magical though, you will need to be focused, and ride the rollercoaster that it is. If you’re like me and you want it enough, it’s very achievable.