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Nikolas would wear shirts two sizes too big to hide himself


Hey, I’m Nikolas and I have lost 32kgs with The Man Shake.

“I would wear shirts two sizes too big to hide myself.”

I have always been a bigger guy who has struggled with my weight. I never wanted to be on camera or in photos as I feared what I would see. I would wear shirts two sizes too big to hide myself. I didn’t want the world to see me. I didn’t want me to see me. I have always felt that I seemed to gain weight easier than others. I hit my highest at 110kgs and was able to drop to 98kgs on my own, but it was full of yo-yo ups and downs.

It would have been around the start of 2022 when I first saw The Man Shake. I saw one of the ads on TV and thought I could give it a go. Shortly after I jumped online and ordered myself The Man Shake. Once it arrived, I jumped straight into it. I was amazed at how it tasted. The shake was so nice, and it made me feel full. It even kept my energy levels up until the next shake or snack. Since that time I am now at 78kgs with a new goal of 70kgs by March 2024.

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“This is a non-negotiable…”

My day kicks off at 7 AM. This is a non-negotiable even when I don’t have work. I find that it helps me to keep the routine. On a workday, I start things with my personal favourite flavour of Choc Honeycomb. This is after my morning coffee of course. The remainder of my workday includes a Man Bar, a Yo-Pro yogurt, and my second shake (either Chocolate or another Choc Honeycomb. It’s just that good!). I also make sure to bring fruit, like an apple or banana, into the routine.
For my wife and I, we found meal kits to be the most effective for dinner. Whether it be Marley Spoon or Hello Fresh they are great for us. We focus on the meals that sit within 600-900 calories and find the range great. It takes the guesswork out and the planned portion sizes makes it hard to overeat. If we feel like dessert we would have a lite jelly or a Yo-Pro, sometimes even mixed.

My go-to bundle would have to be the Buy 3 Get 1 Free. Give me two Choc Honeycomb and two Chocolate and I am set to go. I am also excited to try the new Man Shake GO! with the coffee shots.

“I feel I’ve taken control”

Since using the shakes, dropping the weight, and changing my lifestyle, I feel great! I feel a lot lighter. I’m more confident in myself and will happily be on camera. I feel I’ve taken control of my eating and no longer want to live my old “free snacking all day” lifestyle.

The best advice I would give is that it is important to not try to go too hard and too fast, or even undereat. It is a really easy way to burn out and give up. I would suggest starting with one shake a day to adjust to the change in diet. I would also suggest joining The Man Shakers Facebook community group! It is a safe place where you can get all the advice you need and talk to like-minded members who don’t judge. It’s great!