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Joey Kicked Out His Bad Habits and Lost 28kgs


My name is Joey Tripodi, I'm 31 years old from Adelaide.

I was always big growing up and my weight has always fluctuated throughout. I'd lost a bit of weight when I was a little younger and was able to keep it off for a few years through focusing on my fitness, training Brazilian jiu-jitsu and eating healthy.

This all changed once I started working FIFO. The long hours and rosters where you feel exhausted after weeks away working can lead you down a very slippery slope. You can quite easily lead to some terrible eating habits. Habits like boredom, comfort and overeating are pretty widespread in the FIFO lifestyle and it's not uncommon for a bloke to have what is described as 'roster belly'.

I think when I saw a photo of myself at my biggest I knew I really had to get myself into gear and start turning the tables before things got worse.

A history of heart disease in my family is the biggest scare for me so to be on the front foot with prevention is always something weighing on my mind. I felt more stress on joints, increase in injuries which also felt recovery took longer and to top it off was sick a lot more frequently.

I was just looking into products to assist with my weight loss when I found The Man Shake. I've always been skeptical of shakes and VLC diets but after looking into it found a way I can use it to make it work with my goals.

I've previously been on a paleo diet which led to some good results but finding the time just to do prep and finding foods when you were on the go was difficult. I also found myself always being hungry so that can be difficult and sometimes lead to cheating and overeating. Working remote can prove difficult too because unless you filled your luggage with food you can pretty much forget it.

Since starting on the shakes Joey has lost 28kgs!

I think the biggest difference is my self-confidence and confidence in my own abilities. I have noticed an improvement in my sleep and breathing. I definitely feel a lot more energetic and looking forward to getting back into activities I was doing before I put the weight on!

I think like most people the biggest roadblock is the mental aspect and dedication side of dieting. It's a lot easier to make an excuse or become a creature of habit. I had to overcome it by just going all in. Finding my triggers and weakness foods and keeping them out of sight.

I use the shakes once a day to replace my lunches. I'll use the man bars as snacks or have a couple on hand to prevent hunger if I'm unsure what time I'll be getting home. I find the Choccy Super Greens good on the days I'm feeling a bit flat so I will typically use them then.

I've recommended The Man Shake to a lot of people so far. At one point there were 4 of us in the lunchroom preparing our shakes in our lunch break. Everyone has had a result which has been great.

They're just easy, even the busiest of people can find the time. With a balanced diet, you won't feel hungry and that was one of my biggest challenges previously.

For me, the journey isn't over yet. I can definitely see the benefits for myself whether it be to lose weight or even just increase the amounts of essential nutrients and vitamins I consume without having to eat a million different foods.

Put all your excuses aside and take the first step. Rid your house of temptation and if you have people living with you let them know the importance of what you're trying to achieve. Buy something you want to fit you at your goal weight (mine was a custom Melbourne Demons guernsey with my name and number on it go dees!).

Most importantly want it more than you want anything else and once you start to see results you'll find it easier than ever to stick with it and achieve your goals.