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Bradley Took Control Of His Life After Dropping 35kg


My name is Bradley, I'm 28 years old from Oran Park NSW and as of today, I have lost 35kg across 12 months

I was always an overweight kid but after year 12 I really stacked it on. My dad had died when I was 17 so I was living out of home, I ate what I wanted, played video games all day - I was not active at all, and all of a sudden I'm clocking in at 136kg at age 20.

Not long after this my girlfriend broke up with me and I found myself moving away from everyone I knew to live with my mum, where my way of connecting to my friends was 12+ hours a day of video games.

I was depressed, obese, unemployed and hated myself. I don't remember what my motivation to start the change was but I started trying to lose weight, I went to the gym and tried to improve my eating - I was making a very small amount of progress and then I moved back to Camden for a new job.

Over a couple of years I tried a lot of things; workout regimes, seeing a personal trainer, and new diets like Lite n Easy and keto-based diets, as well as meal prepping bland boring food - I failed miserably at all of them but thankfully learned a thing or two during them and managed to get down to about 105kg.

June rolled around and I weighed myself to find I was 117kg - I was blown away as I thought I was much lighter than this and was disgusted that I'd let myself go again. The most important reason for me to lose weight is so I don't die. My dad died of a heart attack at 47 years old, his dad was around 50 years old when he also died from a heart attack.

I've been to the doctors to check my own heart and while it's healthy its always been a concern that if I didn't trim down my heart would fail on me in years to come.

I think my biggest roadblocks were that I wasn't motivated to lose weight. I sat at a desk in my job all day and take away was just so much easier than cooking.

I'd heard of the Man Shake but previously wrote it off as something that would not work for me - however in June 2020 I decided to screw it - what have I got to lose.

I ordered it blindly knowing very little about it other than it was a shake that would help me control my diet. I started on The Man Shake on 22/06/2020 having breakfast and dinner shakes along with a homemade hamburger and snacks to keep me going - I said to myself for the whole first-month id give it a true crack - no cheat meals, truly test it and push myself.

After the first week, I dropped 8.1kg and after the first month I was down 12.6kg - I now knew that the shakes were definitely for me.

Across the last 100 or so days I've had a couple of cheat meals, pizza or Oporto here and there and a full blow out week when I went away. But with the shakes I've progressively dropped weight, body fat and cm's off my leg, chest and waistline.

Now I'm feeling healthier, looking better and saving a hell of a lot of money than before I was on the shakes. I wasn't eating breakfast before so the Man Shake was very easy to drink in the morning to get me going - swapping dinner for a shake was actually much easier than I thought it would be, I now didn't have to prepare or think about what's for dinner as the shake was always there with under a minute prep time.

Having a burger for lunch each day was the best decision I made as I'm always not too far from that next burger which makes the cravings for fast food disappear.

I would definitely recommend The Man Shake and I have been to my mates. I could have never imagined how well it could have worked for me so I'm trying to convince all my heavier mates to jump on board.

The shakes aren't leaving my daily routine any time soon, I've still got a bit of weight to drop but even once achieved I think at minimum having the shake for breakfast to start my day will be a thing for years to come (especially if I can get my hands on a lifetime supply of Birthday Cake flavour).

For anyone out there on the fence about starting The Man Shake, I say what have you got to lose? It tastes great, is cheap as all hell (when compared to the meals they replace) and it clearly works.