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Why You Should Take Before & After Photos!

Weight loss


When we lose weight, we all look at the scales as the be-all and end-all. While scales don't lie, the number that stares back at you tells only half the story.

Scales neglect important factors like fat loss, muscle gain, and water retention. So, while you may be the same weight as you were last week, you've actually continued to make progress. This is why before-and-after pictures are so important for your weight loss journey.

“But we look at ourselves in the mirror every day and we don’t see any differences” we hear you say. Physiological changes are often subtle and happen gradually over time.
Think about it like your hair. You don’t see it grow but it is, and you only notice it over time when it gets long. The same goes for weight loss but in reverse. This is why progress photos are a great way to compare your appearance to how you looked when you started.

There is no better feeling than seeing how great you look now compared to when you started.
We understand that it is going to confronting and difficult. But don't be ashamed when taking before pictures, you'll be glad you did. You can only see how far you have come when you look back to where it all started.

With that in mind, here are some ways to get the best photos to help keep you on track with your transformation:

1. Put It ALL Out There

To compare changes, you need to be able to see the changes. Stand up straight and don’t suck in your gut.
We see so many before pics of dudes getting down to their undies, don’t feel the pressure to do the same if you aren’t keen. It is the best way to see the changes but rocking a pair of shorts and a singlet/shirt can get the job done. Don’t put on those baggy clothes though. They will hide your figure and any signs of progress. Keep the clothes around too as you can pop them on in later photos to see them become those baggy clothes.
TMS - BEFORE & AFTER Terry.webp

2. Eyes Up Here!

Take a full-body photo at eye level. This is how you see yourself in the mirror and this entire set up is to help you see the differences.
Speaking of mirrors, avoid mirror selfies if you can. Depending on the angle the photo is taken the mirror may distort your reflection, giving you an unreliable shot. We would suggest asking someone you feel comfortable with to take the photos for you. This will make a huge difference.
large_Ash 1 (1).webp

3. YOU Are The Focus

Take your photo in front of a plain wall and remove all background distractions. You don't want things in the background distracting your visual cue. Remember where you took the photos too. You want to replicate them along the journey.
large_Jarrod 3 (1).webp

4. Angles, Angles, Angles!

To understand and see how your body is changing, it's important to capture photos from the front, back, and side (all from eye level, of course). This will give you a more holistic understanding of your progress. And if fitness and weight training are part of the plan, don’t be afraid to strike some poses so you can see that hard work pay off too.

5. LIGHTS, Camera, Action

Lighting is key! You don't want a dark photo where you can't see any definition. Natural lighting is preferable but if not, use a room in which the lighting is bright.
Try not to stand under a light as it will create shadows down your body and will obscure the changes. Try to have the lighting come from behind and slightly above the camera and towards you.
Pose 1.webp

6. Take The Time For Yourself

Take as long as you need to get your photos right – you will appreciate it down the line. Spend the time and take as many goes as you want to get the best, clearest, and well captured progress photos.
Remember that this is YOUR journey so don’t feel obligated to share these photos if you don’t want to. Some guys find that putting them up in The Man Shakers community group adds an extra layer of accountability to their journey. You do what you need to get to your goal.

So, as you can see, taking photos at the start can really help you see just how far you have come and it’s the best way to see your dedication and hard work come together. Also, keep an eye out for other changes. You may find yourself standing taller, smiling, and looking for confident than ever before.