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The #1 thing to do at Christmas to lose weight!

Weight loss


Enjoy yourself!

Yep, that's it. No scientific studies, boring statistics, or 42 ways to shred the kilos for Christmas.

Most of you have probably been on the program for a few months now and getting into a rhythm and hopefully dropping a few kegs.

Now with Christmas on our doorstep, I wouldn't blame you for thinking that the festive feasts could derail your goals and send you plummeting back to square 1 (a bit over the top I know)

The truth is it won't!

Love it or hate it Christmas is a time to spend time with family, catch up with friends, and slow things down a little it's good for the soul.

Weight loss for many of us will be lifetime management but with the right mindset and tools (cough Man Shake cough cough) you can keep it off and enjoy life to the fullest.

So when Christmas day shows up and there is enough food to feed a small army, don't panic take a deep breath and enjoy yourself no doubt you have earned it and it's important to enjoy the good things because life is short and food is delicious!

Now for those of you who want to try to minimize the damage over Christmas and push through to kick off the new year, we have put together our 7 top hacks to make it through and keep those numbers dropping.


Start the day right and fuel up with a Man Shake breakfast. Not only will it get your metabolism fired up for the eating ahead, but it'll help with overeating later on in the day.


While you're sipping on a beer it's easy to fill up on chips, nuts, and crackers but you can have that any time! Pick out what you'll enjoy, and wait for that. The main course is what you're all there for anyway, so load up on the proteins and salads!

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Don’t eat while you're drinking beers. Your body will prioritize breaking down alcohol over food, turning more of it into fat. Have your meal, then a few beers in the afternoon.


Remember why you're celebrating in the first place instead of mindlessly eating because it's there. The festive season isn't just about the food, it's a time of year to celebrate all of the good things in your life, especially friends and family.


Get moving and get involved in some activities! It wouldn't be an Aussie Christmas without a game of backyard cricket or a float in the pool. You'll be away from the food, and you'll be active too. Just don't be the guy who plays like he's opening for Australia in the Ashes.


This one has a little science behind it. Studies have shown that you'll eat up to 30% less when you use a smaller plate. The best bit? You'll think you're eating more when you pile it up!



Let's keep the last one simple. Christmas Day only goes for 24 hours! Don't let loose and then keep the party going till New Years.