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Guilt-Free Takeaway


Going out and don't want to blow your new healthier you? Well you can still eat your favourite takeaway foods and not ruin your diet. Here's a list of the best and worst takeaway foods to enjoy this weekend!

Best & worst takeaway choices for you

1. Chinese

The best

Steamed whole fish - This is low in sodium and high in protein and omega 3's.

Stir fry - With prawns, chicken or beef with veggies, tastes delicious  

Adam's Tip: Need an entrée? Go for steamed dumplings - just make sure you only have 1 or 2 dont go crazy!

The worst

Chicken chow mein. - We think it's healthy but on closer inspection the noodles are deep fried.

Honey Chicken - this is also a bad choice as it is deep fried and full of fat.

Prawn crackers - they're a killer, full of unwanted calories and who can stop at 1 prawn cracker?

Adam's Tip: Do yourself and your belly a favour and ask the waiter to take the prawn crackers away from the table - out of sight, out of mind.

2. Thai

The best

Thai Beef salad - is a great healthy option!

Chicken satay sticks - Entrée anyone?  They are a great choice, just make sure they are grilled not fried and try not to pack on the satay sauce.

Adam's Tip: try to avoid the rice if possible or only have a small serve as this adds a lot of calories to your meal.

The worst

Pad Thai and fish cakes - both bad choices as; full of fat, calories and sodium.

Spring rolls and curry puffs - for entrees should also be avoided as high in calories and low in nutrition.

3. Japanese

The best

Japanese is a great takeaway choice as it has plenty of healthy options. there's also lots of fun to be had if you go to a Teppanyaki bar!

Sashimi - is a great low fat option as well as it is high in omega 3.

Teppanyaki - is my personal favourite, with plenty of grilled meats and vegetables to choose from, tastes delicious and very filling.

The worst

Anything with TEMPURA is bad. - Once it's deep fried most of the nutrients are gone replaced with unwanted fat and calories.

4. Italian

The best

Italian is a tricky one as it's really easy to think your having a low calorie meal only to discover you are not.

Penne napolitana with chicken and mushrooms - is a great choice, just make sure you dont have too large a serve and try to avoid the cheese on top.

Chicken breast or veal with salad or veggies - is another great option.

Thin pizza topped with chicken breast and lots of veggies is a great choice. - Feel like a pizza? Try to avoid the processed meats like pepperoni, salami as they can quite easily go from healthy to bad if you eat too many slices. So limit yourself to 1 or 2 slices and have a salad on the side!

The worst

Creamy pastas (such as carbonara with bacon) - Have over 2/3 of your daily food intake in 1 meal.

Schnitzels - Are also a bad choice as they are deep fried & full of unwanted calories.

Sauces - be careful of sauces that come with most dishes as they can be full of fat and salt and add unwanted calories very easily to your meal.

Adam's tip: Best to avoid creamy sauces and portion size as this is very important.

5. Desserts

The best

So you've been good all evening and now comes out the dessert list!

Fresh fruit with a scoop of ice-cream - is a great choice.

Gelato - can be great just check its not high in sugar!

Cup of tea with some dark chocolate - maybe a more boring choice and not always available, but healthy nonetheless

A scoop of ice-cream - is not going to kill you. Just make sure you don't have 3 scoops with topping and nuts otherwise this can end in calorie disaster!

The worst

Deep fried ice-cream - as soon as it becomes deep fried anything it becomes bad!

Cakes (such as cheesecake and chocolate mud cake) - contain as many calories as your whole daily allowance in 1 dessert. It would take approx. 8 hours to run this off!

The last on the danger list is the cheese plate - full of fat and empty calories a few bickies and cheese at the end of the meal can very quickly blow your healthy evening into blow out city!

Adam's Tip: When asked would you like to see the dessert menu - say NO! So it really is possible to enjoy the goods things in life and you don't have to sacrifice for them. You can have as much fun and enjoy all your favourite restaurants as you want, it's just about making better food choices. Enjoy guys!