Rob loses 20kg thanks to a bet with his mate!

Author: Adam Macdougall   Date Posted:26 June 2017 

I signed up because I had put on a heap of weight and was struggling to keep up with the kids, wasn't moving real well around the tennis court and knees and body were aching after any real activity. I work from home and had become generally inactive during the day - with the exception of getting up to go and get a snack from the kitchen. 

After the Christmas break, and at 113.5kg, I made a bet with a mate to see who could get down to 102kg first (we both saw this as a realistic target - for me it would be back to where I had been for years before). After a month or so of the usual token effort at dieting with no weight loss, I heard Roosy and Merv advertising the man shake, looked it up and decided to sign up to the Man Challenge. 

I bought a pack of the Man Shake (while I was waiting for my online order delivery) and lost 1kg in the week leading up to actually starting and made the decision I was going all out to commit for the 10 weeks of the Challenge. 

For the 10 weeks I had a shake for breakfast.

I highly recommend this to anyone who really wants to lose weight and get healthier, but like anything that is worthwhile doing, I would suggest you really stick to the program - and hopefully it will work like it has for me.