Tony lost 12kg and his charging towards his goal

Author: adam Macdougall   Date Posted:27 April 2018 

Tony Blackburn, Brisbane. Age - 50.

Total weight loss - 12kg

I started The Man Shake because I had an excessive weight gain in the past year.

I tipped the scales at 95.1kg yet I'm only 175cm tall. Nothing fitted me anymore and performing simple tasks such as tying up my shoelaces were an effort. My goal is to lose 20 kg.

Right now I feel better than I have in ages as fitness is a big part of my day. I complete over 10,000 steps daily along with the 8 weeks 10 minute Adam McDougall fitness program.

I am very focused on what I eat.

For breakfast, I have a shake with a banana or an apple blended in; a man bar for morning tea; and a shake for lunch. When I get home from work I have a handful of almonds or blueberries, maybe a slice of low-fat cheese or piece of fruit just to tide me over while I do my exercise.

Then for dinner, I have steamed vegetables or salad with either grilled steak/fish/chicken. I don't eat anything else.

I drink lots of soda water with a slice of lemon or lime. I was a heavy beer drinker but have not had any since I began the program 7 weeks ago. Perhaps the only bad thing I have is a flat white each day.

I find the whole program easy to follow as it suits my work lifestyle. For a month prior to starting the Man Shake, I had psyched myself up for what lay ahead.

It was something I wanted to do & felt I had to do for my health & well-being.

It is my belief if you want to lose weight, this is the program to do. You receive great support from Adam, Jess, and the team.

Additionally, I have a loving partner who backs me 100%.

Get on it. You're mad if you don't.