Sunday Fit with Vince Sorrenti

Author: Adam MacDougall   Date Posted:7 August 2018 

How comedian Vince Sorrenti keeps fit to keep up with his young kids

For famed funnyman Vince Sorrenti there are few topics not ripe for ribbing. But his health and fitness, he says, is no laughing matter.

“It’s actually very important in my line of work,” he says.

“The fitter I am, the better I work on stage; it’s that simple. It’s a real body and mind thing for me.

“Even on a very basic level, just losing a couple of kilograms makes you feel better, and you respond better in the mind, too. I’m a big believer in it.”

The problem is that temptation lurks around every corner for Sorrenti. One of Australia’s most in-demand stand-up comics and emcees, he performs at as many as 200 events every year. And at almost every one of them, he’s surrounded by dessert platters, fried food or endless alcohol. He says it takes every ounce of his willpower to stick to a healthy diet.

“You go to these corporate dinners and you’re never more than an arm’s length from a cheese platter or another dessert,” he says. “And of course everyone wants you to have another beer, another glass of wine. But I know that you can exercise until the cows come home — if you keep shoving it in, the weight is going nowhere, especially as you get older.”

A father of four young children, Sorrenti has talked openly about the challenges of being an older father, and he says exercise is vital in ensuring he’ll be able to keep up with his kids. “I’ll walk 10km every day,” he says. 

“Or I swim, I do some boxing, I sometimes even lift some weights. My daughter is a champion swimmer, and she keeps me honest, and I can’t speak highly enough about exercise. Fitness is a very key part of my life. I’m getting old. I’m 57, and controlling my weight is the hardest thing. But honestly, I can say having a Man Shake once or twice a day has really helped me with that, too.”

Ask Sorrenti to deliver some advice to anyone struggling with their health and fitness, and his answer is every bit as direct as you might expect from the kid who grew up working class in Sydney’s western suburbs: “Eat less.”

“That’s first of all, eat a third less than what you might normally eat, portion control is really key,” he says. “But you also need to find some time every day to do some sort of exercise. Even if you just do a Johnny Howard and go for a short walk every day, every bit helps.”


Favourite exercise: Playing with my kids.

Best workout music: AC/DC T.N.T. I still get around in my car playing it at full blast like I did when I was 17 living in Punchbowl.

Favourite food: Italian. I love cooking.

Favourite drink: The Man Shake. I have 200 a day and I have only put on 8kg (Laughs).

My motivation tip: Just think about how good you will feel when you are finished.

Want to lose the Beer Gut without losing all of the beers?